Responsive web design

We ensure that your website looks good and functions well on a range of devices from phones all the way up to desktop computers.

What is responsive web design?

Back in the old days of the internet, websites were usually designed and built at fixed dimensions, because almost everyone who viewed them was doing so on a desktop computer. Similarly, older websites didn’t need to accommodate touch screens or gestures because those things didn’t exist yet.

But these days, the range of devices used to visit websites is huge, with a range of screen sizes spanning small smartphone screens all the way up to huge desktop monitors. And the ways in which people browse websites varies depending on the device they’re using. What works well with a mouse and cursor doesn’t always work so well with swipes and taps of a finger.

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Responsive web design is a method of designing and building websites so that they’re flexible, allowing them to change layout and functions depending on which device they’re being used on.

This has a number of benefits: it provides a better and more intuitive user experience (hands up if you’ve tried to browse an older non-responsive site on your phone, and spent ages pinching and swiping to zoom in and out to read the tiny text?). It also helps with your website’s search visibility because, for a number of years now, Google has penalised non-responsive sites: you’ll appear lower in search results pages if your website isn’t mobile optimised.

If your website is an e-commerce site, or is intended to convert visitors into customers in some other way, then it’s essential that the website functions well on smart phones. Otherwise you run the risk of frustrating your users and therefore losing customers.

How to create a responsive website

All the websites which we design and build for our clients are responsive by default – it’s our standard way of working. For an informal chat about how we might be able to help you, get in touch.

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