44 free online tools for writers

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

It doesn’t matter what kind of writer you are: academic researcher, copy writer, news publisher or novel writer. To become a more professional and organised writer you must have quality writing tools. Writing tools will not only make your work easier, but will even make you more productive in your work.

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We have grouped our list of online writing tools into 5 different categories which are mentioned below:

  1. Organisational
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Writing
  4. Communication
  5. Marketing

Let’s discuss all the above categories which we made for free online writing tools. You may share your comments to add more tools which you are using and we forget to mentioned it.


  1. Google Calendar: Keep your Gmail account attached with this Google Calendar to keep your tasks organized and on schedule.
  2. Ping Me: This tool will remind you your daily tasks in regular basis. It’s free and accessible everywhere.
  3. Toodledo: This is another free tool which you can use to prepare your to-do list for your regular tasks and weekly schedules.
  4. Net Vibes: Would you prefer logging into different sites windows when you can login all your accounts in one window tab? Obviously not, Net Vibes is the tool which helps you out in saving your time.


Get your ideas out of your mind and into visual diagrams with these useful mind-mapping tools.

  1. Mindomo: Write down your story ideas upon this application and you’ll manage to see visually where you will need to greatly help them to go.
  2. Bubbl.us: This free mind-mapping software enables you to get your ideas out and talk about them with others for responses.
  3. Mapul: If you’re buying a more organic and natural mind map, then this software is your perfect meet, with tree-like graphics that will help you track your ideas.
  4. Wisemapping: With this no cost tool you’ll have the ability to do yourself a favor plot out reports and develop your ideas more completely.
  5. Wridea: This tool will assist you to manage your entire great story ideas so that you can develop on them or reference them in the future.
  6. FreeMind: Create a data source of your greatest writing suggestions using this free software program.
  7. ThinkGraph: Try this application to efficiently draw out your brain map how you want it.
  8. View Your Brain: This application is a good way to make your ideas clearer, easy to annotate and easy to reference later on.
  9. Drill Straight Down: With this basic guideline you may easily follow and complete the several areas of any writing project.
  10. XMind: Utilize this mind-mapping tool to conveniently store, show and modify your opinions.


If you need an improved or different word processor, try these free options.

  1. yWriter5: This software was created with writers at heart, so it is packed with features to create your novel writing less difficult.
  2. StoryBook: Have a look at this software to get support organizing your writing task.
  3. Lyx: Here you’ll discover a great application which will force you to give attention to composition and keep your posting professional and top quality.
  4. Google Docs: In the event that you desire a program which will enable you to take your content everywhere, this is one of the better online word processors.
  5. Jott: If you’re on trips and you think of a good plan, this application enables you to simply speak it in to the phone and give it to yourself for soon after.
  6. Zoho Writer: Utilize this free online word processor chip to write your projects and talk about it with others.
  7. iNetWord: Join a free of charge account with this web site for an online expression processor with plenty of great features.
  8. picoWrite: This lightweight phrase processor may be the ideal spot to write down your entire best work.
  9. AjaxWrite: Designed to appear to be Word, the program is anywhere easy-to-use and may go.
  10. gOffice: On this website you’ll find web-centered applications to create and share your projects with anyone.


Talk to publishers, friends, collaborators and options with these tools.

  1. WordPress: Start your unique blog page with this free webpage and let everyone really know what you’re working on.
  2. Blogger: In the event that you don’t like WordPress, Blogger offers a variety of free blogging solutions.
  3. eFax: Don’t possess a fax machine? No nagging problem. This site enables you to send an email to a fax.
  4. Highrise: Retain your contacts and info organized and easy to get at with this great on line site.
  5. Meebo: Combine your entire instant messaging companies into one with this application.
  6. K7: This application enables you to obtain faxes and voicemails irrespective of where you are.
  7. GotoMeeting: Get a trial offer of the application to talk to clients through net conferencing.
  8. FaxZERO: Here you’ll locate a tool that enables you to give a fax to anyone, for free anywhere.
  9. eBuddy: If you are using multiple instant messaging program, pare it right down to one with this program.
  10. LogMeIn: Using this web site you’ll have the ability to access your house computer, as well as your writing, from anywhere.

Marketing and networking

Promote yourself as well as your writing with these solutions.

  1. Twitter: Twitter could be a great destination to share your thoughts and also promote your brand-new work.
  2. Facebook: Create a specialist site on Facebook and permit close friends and others become admirers of your work.
  3. LinkedIn: Make it possible for potential clients to get you by creating a specialist profile upon this networking site.
  4. Professional on the internet: Use this webpage to create and promote your individual portfolio of work.
  5. Edit Red: Publish your writing to the blog and get reader responses, fans and more.
  6. NetRead: This web site is packed with great resources and facts on marketing your projects.
  7. Mail Chimp: Distribute emails to promote your projects using this online instrument.
  8. Business Paper: Try this application to acquire a cheap and easy method to create your own organization cards and professional elements.
  9. PBWiki: Create your own private wiki about you as well as your work using this web site.
  10. Mailman: Manage a email list about your posting using this free program.


This is really a wide range of free online writing tools which you can use for your regular tasks. You can bring a big change in your daily production by using the above free writing tools because these tools are free and advised by professional authors and writers.

Don’t be shy and share your useful writing tools with us through your comments. We would love to know about your free online writing tools.

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