Branding designer Răzvan Dumitrășconiu on working with clients for closer relationships and better work

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

Romanian branding designer Răzvan Dumitrășconiu runs a studio called Digital Infusion based in Timisoara, Romania.

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I have clients form various fields, from start-ups to medium size businesses. I worked for 5 years in a large printing house in my hometown, gained a lot of experience in print, DTP and prepress, witch helped me a lot, because it’s very important to know the whole process. Afterwards I collaborated with a branding and marketing agency then went full-time freelancer. I create and sell digital products from photos, templates to product mockups.

From all the experience I learned that it’s important to make the design functional. It has to work and at the same time to be visually appealing. It all starts from the brief – no brief, no talk.

I make it happen! I like working directly with clients – opening the way for better understanding, closer relationships and ultimately better work.

I want to understand what makes your business work; how compelling and different it is. I find out what inspires you, your ambitions and what keeps you awake at night. I look at how you express your brand and how people interact with it.

I think; strategically and creatively. Then I work with you to define a brand strategy and the big idea that will inform how you look, how you speak and how you behave as an organisation. I bring the idea to life through a unique identity and relevant messaging. I work out the rules and guidelines that will keep the brand consistent, strong and everlasting.

I’m inspired by nature, I have a huge attraction for minimal style, symmetry, a light form of OCD 🙂

I work from home, on a MacBook that can give me the necessary freedom to work in a coffee house or even when I have to travel. I shoot with a D7200 paired with a 50mm 1.8G lens.

Yes, I think I have the most awesome job in the world and I can not see my self doing something else. It’s all about the feelings, the joy when you see your work live, displayed on some banners. And yes, I definitely recommend others to pursue this path, not to be disspointed at first when thinfgs don`t go as you wanted. Or when you lose a client or miss a deadline. It`s part of the game. Heads up and work harder.

Long term? To have my own design studio and leave a mark into the world.

Learn more about Răzvan on the Digital Infusion website.

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