Design and animation by Bratislavan visual artist Andrej Kolencik

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

I come from a family of painters: my grandparents were painters and so are my parents (my mother is great illustrator and my sister is very talented photographer), so since i was a little child i was surrounded by many paintings, illustrations and pictures. For me it was just natural. But during my teenage period i stopped drawing, maybe for one or two years, because i was playing a sport called ball hockey and i was totally obsessed with it. I wanted to become a ice hockey player, but by then I was too old to start with professional hockey so I came back to the drawing and started to study at School Of Design in Bratislava.

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Later I continued at Academy of Performing Arts where i was studying animation film. Film is my biggest passion! After school I taught a bit at private high school and worked half a year at advertising company MUW Saatchi & Saatchi. Currently I’m making a living as a freelance film director and a visual artist.

Currently I’m working in one studio space in Bratislava which I’m sharing with two of my friends, animation director Veronika Kocourkova and screenwriter & director Michal Balaz. Sometimes we work together, sometimes separately; it depends on the projects. But I often collaborate with other people, most of whom are my friends too. It depends on the project, whether I’m writing a screenplay for a fictional independent film, or illustrating some posters, or producing and directing an animated commercial.


I like the job because it’s creative and it’s a challenge. I’m trying to divide my work 50 percent commercial work and 50 percent my personal projects which are mostly indie films, non-profit projects, music videos, illustrations etc. And of course I shouldn’t forget about my close friends and collaborators Lukas Sigmund and Filip Krizek from Pacientarium with whom i created many projects and also two theatre plays, one of them an adaptation of Plan 9 From Outer Space by the infamous Ed Wood Jr.

I really the feeling of being my own boss! And that I can arrange my work and daily life very flexibly; that is very important for me i think.

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I would like to end up in the Bahamas or Bali or something like that, just working for many clients over the internet as a freelancer, spending half of the day doing work that I enjoy, and the other half of the day just surfing on a beach… But I would be also satisfied with the position of film director & illustrator making films on a regular basis and can make living out of it. I think that is the dream of almost every artist.

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