“If you feel you have to get a new challenge, do not be afraid to reach for it” Indonesian designer Rizky Tito Permadi

Rizky Tito Permadi is a graphic designer based in Tangerang, Indonesia. After completing a course in Communication Visual Design at Esa Unggul University in Jakarta in 2011, he has gone on to work at a number of creative agencies in Indonesia.

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There are various clients that I have handled, there are individuals, companies, governments, and educational institutions.

There was some time I worked the team with my friend, we got a side job by word of mouth. Obviously that would not have happened if we did not have a good Portfolio. We create a Portfolio on the web, so prospective clients can easily see the work I’ve done.

Obviously I am trying hard to achieve my current career and I will not give up until the point where it stops.


I realize I must be flexible with the development of the creative world today. Many requests for designs can be difficult for me because I can not do them, but I have to find out.

To do one job, I had to know in advance what I would make of it. Then I set the color, the more it will run by itself.


Macbook and mouse, just it. *coffee specially.

Future plans

For now I work in an online media company, one of the largest media companies in my country (Indonesia). But I can still do side jobs 🙂


My suggestion is, try to pursue one field of work until it is complete, if you feel you have to get a new challenge, do not be afraid to reach for it, because you will gain other knowledge, and do not forget to put your liking in design.

Reach a career in someone else’s company or create your own company 🙂

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