Motion design and animation by Marko Mrvic from Kraljevo, Serbia

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

After six years of employment at local TV stations in Kraljevo, Serbia, motion designer and animator Marko Mrvic embarked on his full time freelance career. Marko has worked with many clients and studios, on a range of projects from TV commercials, explanatory videos and logo animation.

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My clients range from individuals and small companies, to studios. Over the years I have worked on creating logo animations, commercials, TV openers and idents, explainer videos, there were also couple of trailers for mobile phone games and other motion design projects.

I’m completely self-taught, never had any formal design education. I started out as video editor on a local TV station. There I worked on all kinds of tasks, editing videos for the news, TV shows, commercials, promo videos for local companies etc… I got interested in creating idents, show openers, so whenever I had some free time, I used it to learn software and animation by trying to create new openers for existing shows. From there it progressed to where I am now. I got interested in freelancing while still working full-time, so there was a period in time in which I would work on a TV station during the day, and freelance overnight. I learned a lot about motion design and animation by watching work and tutorials of Tim Clapham, as well as from many other designers and animators, and by doing experiments and work of my own.

There is a lot of inspiration generally in motion design community. Browsing through Behance, Motionographer, Vimeo can lead to discovery of some amazing motion design pieces. There are many motion graphics artists, and studios, whose work is very inspirational, and it motivates me to find out how they done it and to create my own stuff.

As for the personal projects, inspiration comes from everywhere. For example, Paper plane animation was inspired by watching Road Runner cartoons.

I can’t say that I have established a strict creative process that I follow every time. Every project is different, and it requires different approach. Sometimes client comes with detailed idea and description, and wants me to shape it, while there are times when it’s all up to me. What I do is get as much information as possible about the project, then start creating what I feel is right and fits best, and tweak everything until I’m satisfied with the output.

Everything you see in my portfolio was created on a Windows machine (i7 2600k, 16GB of RAM, GTX 560ti, dual 24’ monitors) and Wacom Intuos Pro. Nothing special or fancy, but it does the job.

I work alone from my home office. My work day starts around 10am (preparing everything I need to do, checking emails), and usually finishes around 6pm. After couple of hours of work I like to move away from computer for an hours or so, to exercise or take a walk. This helps me stay fresh and not burning out in front of computer. Also, all kinds of thoughts and ideas come to mind during time away from computer, while not thinking about work.

I use time between paid projects to experiment and work on personal projects.

What I enjoy the most about work I do is diversity (every project is different), and the fact that there is always something new to learn and experiment with. It never gets boring. Some projects are more challenging than the others, and that’s what keeps it interesting and helps me learn new techniques. It has happened many times that I start with one idea, and end up with something different. You never know where your imagination will take you.

At the moment I’m enjoying freelance life, and have no plans in expanding my business in the form of studio. It gives me freedom to manage my own time and to make decisions what projects will I take. Of course, it comes with some downsides as well, but for me positive outweighs negative sides.

Improving my skills, and advancing myself more in the field of motion design, leading to more challenging and interesting work, is my main ambition.

Learn more about Marko on his website.

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