How do you introduce store staff to a new payments terminal?

Leading the way in retail technology and services, PayPoint provides multi-channel payments for over 1,500 clients across a huge range of sectors.

PayPoint was rolling out a new range of retail terminals and they needed an animated video to introduce store staff to the new features.

We were approached by a PayPoint supplier who had created the visual design for the storyboard, and needed our help to create the high-definition animation.

It was important that the video was quick and simple so as not to lose the attention of terminal users, while also doing a thorough job of explaining the setup of the new terminal.

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There was going to be no audio, so all important details needed to be shown on the screen.

The animation needed to be bright, fun and attention-grabbing.

We spent a lot of effort on the transitions between the visual elements, as they needed to be slick and polished while staying in keeping with the style of the visuals.

We opted for sliding elements in and out of the screen from various directions so as to develop visual interest that would keep users engaged.

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