Trumpet product design

How do you turn an idea sketched on a napkin into a product concept strong enough to receive venture capital backing?

Canadian tech startup Trumpet needed full product design and UX direction for their social platform web application. Trumpet was a new social platform that encourages relationships between businesses and their customers.

When the founders approached us, the product existed only as an idea: they had a product concept, and they needed a fully-developed set of designs.

The product was a new social platform that fused social network with business directory, allowing users to communicate with one another and with local businesses. The browser-based application needed to be designed responsively so that it looked and functioned well on large desktop-computer screens and smaller smartphones.

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Designing the product from scratch allowed us to not only create the look and feel of the web application, but also to be instrumental in designing the features and functions.

We started by putting the end user first: defining who would be using Trumpet, and why they would be using it. From there, we created the information architecture, flow diagrams and wireframes that allowed us to go on to flesh out the details of the visual design.

A significant effort was put into competitor research and development of features that would allow Trumpet to be a better user experience than any other similar product. Trumpet needed to look beautiful, but good design is more than just aesthetics: the product needed to be well-designed so that it was easy and fun to use.

The Trumpet product had a complex set of users who must all be considered carefully when designing the product.

On the one hand, the product must cater to the general public who do not pay for their membership. On the other hand, Trumpet must be a compelling proposition to businesses, who must pay for their subscription; and finally, the Trumpet staff make up a third set of users, who must be able to administrate the application, manage end users and payments.

The aesthetic for Trumpet, which makes up the look and feel of the interface, as well as imagery used, needed to be trendy and modern to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy audience, while being simple and easy for the less internet-literate end of the spectrum of users.

After our product design work, Trumpet went on to secure venture capital funding.

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