4 ways social listening can help you improve SEO

Last checked and updated on January 19, 2021

As every business knows well, the SEO game is an ever-changing one, bringing new moves to the table every time Google and other search engines change their algorithms and preferences. The same happens when the market, or your target audience more precisely, begins to change their behavior online. If they suddenly start using their AI-driven tech such as Alexa to search with their voice for what they need online, then Google reflects those changing trends to let the brands know: hey, you need to make sure your users can find you through voice queries as well!

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When we switched to mobile devices as our primary research tools, choosing them over laptops and tablets most of the time, Google started treating the mobile version of each business’s website as the main one. The same logic applies to what your audience has to say on social networks. If your brand can track where its name and its content appear through social listening methods, then you can make use of those digital tidbits of information to your own advantage. There are other ways you can use social listening to boost your SEO efforts, and here are several worth mentioning.

Looking for fresh, trendy topics

It’s not just SEO. In fact, it all begins with the fact that your target demographic is interested in a particular subject at a specific time. Trending hashtags and ideas in general generate plenty of traction online, notifying Google and other search engines that this is what people what to see more of in their feeds on social media. Current and fresh content is what Google is all about, and your brand needs to follow the lead of its audience if it wishes to stay relevant in search engines.

One of those simpler ways you can see what the world of trends has to offer is to use Google suggestions based on what content is pushed online the most. You also need to make sure you’re informed on the latest subjects covered in your industry, events that are worth visiting and discussing online, conversations worth joining, and other social moments that can give your brand better visibility in search engines – because you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time. 

Spot brand mentions and turn them into links

Your brand has already earned being a relevant topic among your customers and audience? Kudos for that great achievement! However, not every social media user will tag your brand or link to your website when they talk about you with their friends on their profiles. This is your chance to use media monitoring tools to spot those opportunities and turn those mentions into actual links.

Plus, you will get the chance to join the conversation, answer questions if any, and offer your input as the expert in your industry. Social signals such as these are an excellent gateway to increase engagement, get more people to join in, and ultimately increase your brand’s authority on the web. Getting those links is a valuable tool for enhancing your SEO, while generating engagement through those mentions is yet another way to boost your rankings.

Content and guest blogging 

Content produced on social media can help you determine the best road forward for your overall content strategy, guest post opportunities included. It’s not just about trends and desirable subject matter, or currently influential people online, but it’s also about the particular, often locally-specific content that will bring you more relevance for search engines.

As mentioned before, using monitoring tools can help you turn already existing brand mentions into links, but it doesn’t stop there. In fact, your brand name isn’t the only thing you should monitor. You should also keep track of the hottest buzzwords in your industry, which will help you find new opportunities and blogs where you can post educational content leading back to your website for the benefit of your SEO.

Discovering relevant influencers

Social media is all about people and influence. In addition to your direct audience and existing customers, there is a wealth of people out there who might benefit from your services, but it’s tricky to get their attention in all that social media buzz. Every industry has its own front-runners, and since it’s far more difficult to reach each individual that could use your offer, you can cut the journey short by finding the people who lead the way in your industry on social networks. 

Fitness enthusiasts across the US, but across the world as well, will listen to what Jen Selter of New York has to say when it comes to building a workout plan, a diet regime, and other lifestyle issues that are hot at the moment. Brands that work in this industry know full-well who she is, and those that manage to collaborate with her truly win over her audience’s heart. With hundreds of people listening to her voice and others like her, brands cannot afford not to get in touch and establish long-term bonds with influencers. Listen to what the social circles want, and your SEO will skyrocket as a result, bringing you more views, website visits, more interest, and ultimately, more profit. 

While SEO keeps evolving and customers keep raising the bar when it comes to brand behavior online, certain trends remain equally powerful for your ranking, and that applies to social listening. Use it to get to know your audience, search engines, as well as your competitors, and you’ll give your business a chance to greater recognition online as well as offline!

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