6 reasons freelancing isn’t for you

Last checked and updated on January 11, 2021

The craze of freelance has affected virtually everyone. It sounds pretty intriguing, earning money while sitting at home or not being bound to any one company. It doesn’t feel like too much work. It also feels pretty convenient.

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What we don’t get to hear about are the many things which go wrong. Either the client doesn’t pay on time or has just disappeared into thin air, which caused all your hard work to go to waste.

Let’s discuss what other things can go wrong and why freelancing might not be the best option for you.

1. Distractions at home

If you belong to a big family, it can be the loud volume in which everyone talks. It can also be the numerous amounts of activity always going on at your home.

If you belong to a small family, there would always be some chore you hadn’t done. You have to keep getting up to answer the doorbell.

Your mother might want you to run an errand she forgotor she’d have run out of peppermint or coriander. You’ll end up confusing the two and have to go back to change them.

When you’re working at home, be prone to a lot of distractions which will ruin your rhythm.

2. Lack of a social life

You miss the opportunity to interact with other people. Granted, you love your family, but you’ll not have many friends.

Because of the odd timings which you’ll need to be working for international clients, you’d miss parties and family gatherings.

This might make you an alien who likes to stay alone and has developed a dislike for people due to the many distractions you face while you work.

3. Communication gap

You’ll never understand what your clients exactly want. They’ll make you go through a thousand changes before they’re completely satisfied with your work.

Develop a habit of carrying your laptop everywhere. Clients will contact you at the most ungodly hours you can imagine. They expect you to be available 24/7 to do their bidding.

If you think you hated phone calls and emails before, you’ll learn to despise them completely.

4. Not knowing your worth

Perhaps the most common mistake a newbie freelancer faces. You charge less for a lot of work or vice versa.

You’ll end up getting swindled into doing a lot for very little. On top of that, you’ll be continuously degraded if you don’t manage to follow a deadline. The client would further deduct your pay or not pay at all.

5. Tricked into working more

Often, you’re tricked into working more than you agreed to. You’re the type who’s easily swayed or you just wish to please your client for extra points. Sometimes coursework writers don’t understand when to stop.

By not studying your agreement carefully before deciding to take on work, clients try to use loopholes against you. Sometimes, you fail to keep things professional and end up working more for the sake of “friendship”.

6. Money issues

The most important matter you come across as a freelancer is money. You do not make a fixed amount of money every month. Most of the time you have to convince people if what you’re doing is even a real job.

You get no job benefits, medical leaves and bonuses. It’s all a matter of luck when it comes to money in freelance.

Freelance is a risky gamble. If you’re shy or insecure, you’ll be eaten alive before you even step in. Even if you’re a seasoned freelancer, you can never tell what clients you face in your next project.

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