7 most fun apps and tools to create cinemagraphs

Last checked and updated on January 11, 2021

Cinemagraph is, basically, a still photo edited to include minor looping animation, much like those images in newspapers in Harry Potter universe. You can use cinemagraphs to give a unique touch to web designs as well. Cinemagraphs are not at all difficult to make. With the help of these apps, creating cinemagraphs is extremely easy. Here are several apps and tools to help you bring your still images to life using only your mobile devices.

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This is a perfect app since it tells you whether or not your video is too shaky while you carry on with the recording. A perfect cinemagraph is created if you have a steady hand on your recording, and Flixel is an app that addresses your shakiness, giving you perfect results. You have two options of either creating a cinemagraph by simply pressing the ‘cinemagraph it’ button or save it as a fully animated clip. You can even highlight the area that you want to be animated. Once that is done, your cinemagraph is ready and can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter or through email. You can even keep it private for your own pleasure.


This app helps you create cinemagraphs in a much simpler way. You first need to record a three second long video. Then after adding filters, you need to highlight the area that you want to animate. This app has an option of stabilizing your clip under the ‘settings’ option that enhances the effect of your cinemagraph even if it is slightly shaky. Once completed, it can even be shared on Twitter, Facebook or through email with your friends and family members.


You need to have a registered profile before getting started with this app. With only 3.5 seconds of recording time, you can highlight what you want to animate. You can then preview how the cinemagraph would look like so you can make any changes if necessary. You can share it on Twitter, pictoreo network or Facebook. It also gives you an option to geotag your cinemagraphs.


This is an exceptionally cool app that helps you create cinemagraphs very easily. You simply need to record a video on your iPhone. The part that you want to turn into a cinemagraph is taken out from your recording and is used to create the cinemagraph. Once this is done, you can preview it and add filters to it if necessary. You can even share it on your favourite social networking site once created. Because of its unique features, it is liked by many.

Cinemagraph Pro

This is a very cool app with just a few simple steps to follow to create a cinemagraph. The duration of the video should be 5 seconds or less. You can even forward-back or pause your clip with the help of the playback bar. You have an option to choose the static background. The still frame can be selected from any point of the video with the help of the slider on the playback bar. Now, highlight the areas that you want to animate and your extremely cool cinema graph will be ready. You can even share it on twitter, Facebook or by email or with the Cinemagraph Pro team so that they can add it to their ‘staff pick’ on the website if they like it.


This app helps you create cinemagraphs with high resolution animation and the duration can be as long as you want. The process is very easy and simple; all you need to do is record a video clip and later paint the parts that you want to animate with your fingertips. You can even add some effects and filters to make the art piece look great. This app comes with a viewer that lets you view your cinemagraphs directly on your phone.


This app is perfect for you if you are using an Android based smartphone. The animated photograph making process in this app is extremely simple. You first need to record a 3 to 5 second video clip, simply highlight the area that you want to animate and press ‘ok’ and share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or SMS. You can even animate more than one area and apply some effects and filters or even change the looping styles, if you want your cinemagraph to look more impressive.

Cinemagraph is being widely used in the industries of advertising and fashion and is gaining popularity worldwide with each passing day. All you need is your tablet or smartphone, and an impressive cinemagraph is created with a few simple steps to be followed. Give these apps a try and live your life like never before.

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