8 top tips for pleasing your boss: get ahead in your creative profession

The working life can be quite exhausting, and you might be struggling hard each day, completing your tasks on time, and yet achieving no recognition. You’re unnoticed by your superiors and you just can’t seem to catch a break. Does every day start with a strong desire to bury your head deep into your pillow? Yes, work can be mundane and boring, especially when you are invisible, and no matter how obedient you are, you just can’t manage to climb up the ladder.

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You’re always being passed over by your boss and you’re missing out on opportunities; even when you’re one of those who does their work well. This happens only because of the difference between being good and being someone who takes it a notch above higher. Being an efficient employee is mandatory; you need to be very good at what you do. Otherwise there’s no point working at the organisation: you might as well give up and go home.

Eons ago, an efficient employee was credited and appreciated; today that’s not always the case. Today everyone needs to work to survive this world, but the ones that not only perform well, but also take that extra initiative – makes it bigger in this world. There are umpteen employment options but making a mark at any job is the toughest thing to do.

Here are a few top secret tips that would definitely take you to the path to become your boss’s favourite.

1. Be proactive: Always take on more responsibilities than shoving them, or passing them to others. You should make sure that you are the first choice of your boss when any assignment comes and for that you need to prove yourself worthy. To do that, one of the basic steps is to be proactive. Always be on your toes. While doing your work take initiative for various other jobs as well. Give ideas that are full proof. When an assignment is kept on the table, offer to pitch in on it. Let your boss see that you are not just a good worker, but you also have entrepreneur skills. Pushing your limits and let your boss know that you are capable of accomplishing any task given you as well as someone who would make efforts to do something new and exceptional.

2. Be a team player: This is one of the major factors that determines your growth spurt. Your bosses would always prefer someone who works as a team. You should show both the characteristics of a leader as well as a follower. No one likes a bossy dictator, or someone who only wants their own way, always find a balance between when you listen and when to speak. Within your team, you should make a mark, were people not only acknowledge your presence, but also respect you. This respect always garners more praise and your boss would always notice that.

3. Socialise: If you just sit in your corner and keep on doing your work day in and day out, don’t expect to come in the eye line of your boss. Make yourself visible. To do that, you have to learn to socialize. Yes you need to make a clear demarcation between personal and professional life; but socializing with your peers and at times seniors is extremely necessary. Don’t always be in a hurry to reach home, stay that extra 5 minutes to catch up. Learn to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ to each and every member of your team. Ask them how their lives are. You do not have to be best friends with your boss or your colleagues, but you need to learn to be social with them.

4. Offer solutions, not problems: When you are not getting along with your peers, or if you are facing some sort of a problem, then you should not only go with the issue but also the solution. You cannot be the cranky kid, who only points out issues but also someone who figures out the solution to the problem. On the other hand, you should not ignore problems, if something is bothering you, always reach out to your seniors and along with that help them in finding a suitable solution.

5. Know how to gossip: Most of the times gossip is termed bad, but at times it is required to know what is happening around you. If you are dormant and don’t involve yourself at all in the grapevine talk, you would be always in the dark. You should not partake in gossip, but you should always keep your eyes and ears open to what others are saying.

6.  Always lend a helping hand: You should always be the first to help. Make sure your peers seek you out when they are in need of help. You should be an integral part of your organizational structure; and this doesn’t happen by itself. You should always make the effort to be the backbone of your company.

7. Have a positive attitude: You should always emit a positive aura. For that you should mainly take out the negativity; stop sulking around and cursing your job. If you hate it, change jobs; if you can’t then start appreciating the smaller things. Most of us hate our working life, because the concept that it cannot be fun. That is not true. You can make your job fun is you just try.

8. Become an expert: You should become an expertise in your job and everyone should seek you for that. There is a clear difference between someone who can do a job well and someone who is an expert. Someone who can do well is definitely acknowledged. But someone who is an expert is indispensible to the company.

Lastly, you should enjoy what you do. If you do not that no matter what you try, you would always lack in the energy and creativity of someone who loves what they do. Make sure that you work hard and keep being noticed, amongst your peers as well as your seniors.