Interface design by Sebastian Mitchell

Sebastian Mitchell is a freelance user interface designer for web, mobile, and tablet. He’s designed interfaces for Conservation International, the UN FAO, and Nokia Brazil.

I’m a user interface designer and front-end developer. I usually work remotely with small (2-5 people) development teams who need user interface design input or support. I’ve worked with teams in Brazil, Ukraine, Kenya, Spain, and the UK, most of whom build software for the humanitarian and development sectors.

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7 features your ecommerce site design should incorporate

An ecommerce website can be used to sell products or services, whether you own an existing bricks-and-mortar store or you are setting up a drop shipping business. As well as including your corporate branding, there are certain elements that an ecommerce website should, or could, include.

While some of these features benefit design and aesthetics, others improve marketing and word of mouth, and some provide greater flexibility and functionality.

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