How to achieve the perfect pairing of Instagram and email marketing

Last checked and updated on January 19, 2021

Acquiring more followers seems to be Instagram leading game, but the platform is generally perfect to cultivate other businesses as well. In fact, using IG to grow your brand is to take your concord with your Instagram followers and take it into the inboxes is one of the best ways.

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  • Considering the social media-laden landscape today, email continues to be one of the most viable and valuable methods of building long-lasting accords with your audience.
  • Even if you have plenty of IG followers, there’s every possibility of them missing your daily posts, courtesy the platform’s new algorithm.
  • But if you have their email ids, you can send crucial information like launches, products, and your latest content straight to their mailbox.
  • Building a following on IG is a top priority for many bands and for proper reasons. It’s the most engaged social arena, beating even Facebook.
  • Looping your Instagram handle with email marketing campaigns can bring out your followers’ competitive nature.
  • You can tweak the rules by asking others to sign up to your concerned email list. They can do so by following your account and helping you enhance your subscriber count.

Boosting email management

When you know that a key to a vibrant marketing is providing value to your audience on the preferred channel, it’s no wonder that businesses are ceaselessly looking for pathways to gain more followers on Instagram. While you can buy Instagram views from reputable site, there has to be a way to sustain the attention.

  • Popular marketing agencies have forecasted that Instagram popularity will lead to more brands using the platform for marketing. 
  • There are over 200 billion emails infiltrating inboxes regularly, and getting one click means that companies need to be a cut above the rest. 
  • Smart brands are integrating their email and social marketing strategies within their customer-centric, omnichannel approach. 
  • Many emails contain button links to Instagram pages for businesses, but incorporating a proper live feed is certainly more effective.
  • With a handful of HTML code tweets along with a pinch of customization, your dedicated IT team can achieve this feat. 
  • You can then boost customer engagement. Don’t stop at your live. Use IG’s popularity to grow your reach and illustrate your brand culture. 
  • Your brand’s human side is often as appealing as a sales pitch. Instagram is a fantastic way to engage new users, communicate your business values to folks in the discovery level, and propel email-sign ups and interaction by offering contests or giveaways.

The takeaway

Instagram continues to be an untapped and unexplored trove of pictures. While it’s generating tremendous engagement levels with content from brands, you’ve marketers underutilizing these compelling images and content within emails.

  • Leading media names like Saks Fifth Avenue, Dunkin Donuts, and Nickelodeon are three premier examples of extensive email integrations. 
  • Since not all IG images are equal and some of its attributes are more attractive than others, you can apply the image insight to creative emails as well.
  • Relevance is the key here. It’s important to have relevant themes that go with seasonal aspects, like travel, water and sun. 
  • Seasonal themes are very popular and common on IG. You choose themes that resonate with your followers. For example, if someone wants to buy a stylish hoodie during the monsoon season, your theme has to be likewise. 
  • By looping your email to your social media handles, brands continue to effectively connect with their customers and consumers. 
  • As the State of Marketing Report from a premier source puts it, 75% of marketers, which include both B2B and B2C, both of them agree that email forms the core of their brand. 
  • Reports also show that more than 79% of the same marketers and influencers rank email design and content as both the most effective and critical aspects of your email. 
  • As customers continue showing affinity and preference for editorial-style pictures, it will become more and more crucial for businesses to provide with content within structured emails. 

Give everyone a reason to come on your list

Primarily, generating sign ups for email list using IG is no different to how a brand can generate sign-ups with any other platform. If you want folks who follow you on IG to join your email list, you must give them a solid reason to be a part of your list.

  • Perhaps one of the simplest ways to propel them to sign-up to your list is by offering something to them if they provide their email address.
  • Depending on your business type, there are three common ways to do so. You offer a discount code, you offer a free trial, or you offer some sort of information and logistics that your target audience would love to consume.
  • You can, of course, have some nuances in this, but it’s a good way to start. If your business is about providing some services, a piece of content would be a great way to push people towards your signing up for your email list.
  • Most digital marketing agencies follow this technique to persuade their target audience. 
  • The content has to be compelling enough to generate conversions. Your content must have a complete rundown on a specific topic. It must help people avoid or solve a problem.

In a nutshell

Instagram has achieved stupendous success ever since hitting the market in October 2010. Currently, over 7.7 billion people worldwide use it, which makes it one-eight of the world’s total population!

  • Boasting of more than 1 billion active users every month, it has 71% of business brands in the US leveraging its commercial utilities.
  • It may particularly propel you to prove your marketing efforts from time to time with email marketing. It’s still the king of the vast marketing galaxy, with $44 for every campaign.
  • Modern marketers need to remember that email marketing’s total reach transcends beyond ROI. Hence, it’s a good idea to knit the two marketing directives, Instagram marketing and email marketing to reach the pinnacle of success in 2020.
  • You regard both as direct and effective response media.
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