How to optimise your on-site videos to achieve better search engine page rankings

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

In an environment that is already cluttered with marketing messages of various kinds, it can be extremely tough for online marketers to grab the attention of the target audience. With the audience tired of conventional communication in the form of email messages, blog content or website narrations, you need to be able to deliver information in a way that is appealing and engaging. 

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On-site videos represent a very effective way of marketing communication. According to studies, videos are universally preferred far more than text messages. They also help to engage audiences better as they have the advantage of being able to combine visuals and audio to evoke the emotions of the target audience more easily than text. As compelling the videos may be to the audience, marketing managers will still need to figure out how to get the target audience to view them and engage with them and this is where video SEO becomes important. Some practical pointers on optimizing videos for better page rankings:

Select your topic well

For videos to have substantial viewership, it is evident that they must be about something on which your target audience would be willing to spare their time and energy. Therefore, the videos should be on subjects that are of interest to the target audience and have a close connection with your business. Typically, videos that serve to inform and entertain work the best. The most popular videos tend to be those that offer tips on using the product or service, unboxing of the product, as well as demos of the product usage, etc. To get to know the subjects the audience will be interested in, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive keyword research and learn their search intent.

Good title and keyword

Bing places a ton of accentuation on the title tag. Brain that Bing will frequently pick titles for list items all alone, rather than pulling the title straightforwardly from the

HTML tag. Bing’s own recommendation to guarantee that the title you need is chosen to be shown in SERPs is this: 

1) Make the HTML title important to the questions that would be utilized to look through your site without being excessively long or dull. Keep away from nonexclusive titles like “Home” or “About Us”. 

2) If you insert OpenGraph, and so forth., ensure it is predictable with the title you need, and that all the fields are right, for instance that your site name is right. 

3) If your site is recorded on some large notable catalogs, ensure the section is right. 

4) Don’t hinder our crawler. If it’s not too much trouble allude to crawler control guidelines on the best way to control the crawler, however remember, you ought not square Bingbot on the off chance that you need your substance to be filed.

Create high-quality content

Even if you get the topic of the video right, you can be sure that if the content is not value-added, original, current, and relevant to the audience, it will not draw the eyeballs necessary for boosting engagement and conversions. Additionally, the video must be produced well so that it is crisp and appealing with high production values. The contemporary audience is extremely discerning and will not tolerate boring and poorly produced videos. You should try to develop the necessary production competencies in-house or you could hire a reputable SEO company – Social Market Way, for professionally shot and edited videos.

Straightforward keywords

Since the time Google Hummingbird in 2012, we continue hearing increasingly about semantic pursuit and client goal, and less about catchphrases in the old fashioned sense. In contrast to Google, Bing isn’t playing the semantic game. Research shows it’s not very acceptable at expansive coordinating questions, so clear catchphrase focusing on will work best here. For good watchword positioning on Bing, you’ll need to leave all the ambiguously comparative terms at the entryway.

So in the event that you figured you could kick back and depend on Google translating the significance of your pages and making sense of the watchwords you should rank for (which you extremely shouldn’t do in any case — see number 3 here), it just won’t work for Bing. That implies watchword inquire about will be one of the most significant strides in your streamlining procedure, on the off chance that you need to see great Bing positioning.

Select a thumbnail that is representative 

Very often, the thumbnail is the element that provokes the visitors to click on it and view the video. This makes it important that the thumbnail is selected with care to be as compelling as possible because the default one may very well not capture the essence of the video and turn off visitors who then do not get to see the video over which, you have invested so much time, effort, and money. A high bounce rate in favor of videos with more attractive thumbnails will also serve to drive your page rankings down, which you do not want. 


Backlinks are a significant positioning element for each internet searcher. With Google however, we’ve seen a declining connection of connection check and rankings, implying that you’ll frequently run over destinations with less connections positioning higher than locales with broad connection profile. Google’s depending all the more intensely on PageRank (the connection squeeze going through your backlinks), so a couple of high-PageRank connections will give you a greater lift than many connections from destinations with a low PageRank score. 

With Bing however, the inverse is regularly the situation. An examination via Searchmetrics indicated that for Bing, the quantity of backlinks has an a lot higher relationship to rankings (0.29). 

More to that, 52 to 53% of the backlinks of sites positioned among the main 30 outcomes on Bing contain catchphrases in the grapple content (which is about 10% more than Google). 

Evidently, developing your connection profile in size is a hugely compelling strategy for Bing. It may not give you a similar lift in Google, however it won’t hurt either (if you make sure to maintain a strategic distance from spam no matter what and pick important destinations to fabricate interfaces on). 

With respect to stays, “over”- improving them can work for Bing, yet it might likewise cost you your Google positions. Naturally, there’s no all around safe edge for grapple assorted variety: it relies upon your specialty and the sort of watchwords you target. In any case, here’s something to in any event give you a very approximated thought.

Ensure a good match of your goal to the hosting of the video

There are different options available for hosting the videos depending on what needs to be accomplished. While all the options perform the basic task of displaying the video, the selection of the options depends on other considerations. If you are looking to raise your brand awareness, the ideal channel is YouTube that is the largest search engine for videos but you will not be driving traffic to your e-commerce site. 

To generate traffic and drive conversions, you should host the video on your website so that visitors get an opportunity to experience your site. According to, with the videos hosted on your site, users are encouraged to stay longer and interact more with the content paving the way more increased conversions. For good user experience, you should ensure that the video loads quickly or make use of content delivery networks or video hosting services. On the other hand, if you want to increase the number of backlinks, you should host the videos on the e-commerce site because when other sites link to them, they will be linking to the domain where your products are, which will act to boost your site rankings.

Structure the section containing videos

Consider the videos just like blog posts and go ahead to optimize each page containing a video just as it was a blog post. Make certain that there is a proper navigation structure that search engines can easily crawl by ensuring that the category page has links to all the video pages.

Optimize the video pages

Consider the video pages just as if they were normal web pages and optimize each page with a title tag and Meta description so that both search engines and individual users can take advantage of them. You should make the title of the video, the principal headline of the page in which it is hosted and it should be in the H1 format. The video should be followed with a short description of what the video is about, which should also be optimized for SEO.

Transcribe the videos

Even though videos are a repository of rich natural language content, search engines do not have the capability of accessing and analyzing it. In the absence of this capability, it can help a lot to provide a full transcription of the contents of the video. Not only will it provide the necessary contextual relevance required by search engines for on-page SEO but also act to give fuller information of the contents of the video without users having to watch the entire video.

Link video pages with products on sale

Since one of the aims of including videos on your site is to drive conversions, it can help to insert links to your product pages on the pages the videos are hosted in. Users seeing the videos will have the opportunity at hand to click on the links and visit the category page or the product page itself directly.

Indexation & technical SEO

As Bing unmistakably states, “being recorded is the initial step to creating traffic from Bing”. So you need to rank in Bing, admirably the undeniable initial step is to ensure the entirety of your site’s significant pages are recorded in Bing.

  • Make sure your pages are indexed

Commonly, in the event that you have no indexation issues with Google, you’ll discover Bing additionally thinks about the majority of your pages. In the event that your site is fresh out of the plastic new however, it can take Bing some time to discover and slither it. To speed things up, go on and present your site to Bing yourself.

  • Advise Bing to creep your site all the more every now and again

That is correct, it’ll tune in. Under Crawl Control in Bing Webmaster Tools, you can set the creep rate and the time when you need your website to be crept. The “standard” creep rate is normally very low, so if your site is enormous and additionally as often as possible refreshed, you might need to turn it up to “full volume”.

  • Submit your sitemap

So ensure your sitemap is perfect and new (check the how-to underneath for tips on the most proficient method to do that rapidly). To guarantee Bing can discover your sitemap, you can either remember the way to it for your robots.txt or present your sitemap to Bing legitimately through your Webmaster Tools account — under the Sitemaps area, click Submit a Sitemap and enter the area of your sitemap document, for example, Any mistakes that spring up during the handling of your sitemap will help analyze issues in the document, assuming any.


Videos are proven to be far more effective in communicating product attributes and advantages than conventional web pages. Smart content marketing managers thus do not fail to make use of videos at every opportunity. Optimizing the videos also allows them to be discovered more easily by the search engines and their page ranks also get a boost leading to enhanced online visibility and opportunity for generating organic traffic. 

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