How to pitch your app idea

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

If you have an app idea that you consider amazing, in order to make it come true, you need to obtain funding. However, no matter how exciting or groundbreaking you may find your idea, its charming characteristics will not be enough to get you the capital from your investors.

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Before you pitch your app idea, you need to prepare thoroughly so that you give out an impression of being professional because that would make the whole project seem more secure and therefore a promising investment for them. To help you pitch your idea perfectly and ensure capital for it, here are 4 points to keep in mind. 

Create a business plan

When presenting your app idea or any product or service idea for that matter, it is vital that you give out the impression that you are prepared. Your prospective investors need to know that you have given everything enough thought as opposed to just having an idea or otherwise you may come across as unprofessional and they would start wondering why they are losing their time.

Although at this point everything needs to be flexible, you still have to cover some grounds by adding details such as value proposition, target audience, potential marketing strategy, management team, and financial plan. A well-written business plan doesn’t only serve as proof for the investors that you are invested in your app idea but it can also serve as a guide since it contains the answers to many questions they could ask you about your app idea and the startup.

Make the pitch concise

No matter how passionate you feel about your app idea, going overboard with 40 slides and a two-hour presentation will not help your investors understand it but drive them away instead. You need to make your pitch concise and to the point, so using the services of an experienced content marketing and design agency, such as the reliable Persuaders, is the best option if you are uncertain about how to organize the presentation. They can help you not only with the design but with how to make the content sweet and short but professional at the same time.

It would be perfect if you knew all data by heart because you would seem more involved but since that sometimes isn’t possible for different reasons, it is always best to have note cards prepared. Occasionally glancing at the cards to provide them with some statistical data will not ruin your prospects but coming unprepared will definitely influence their view of your app idea.

Prepare a prototype

Even though you would be presenting to your investors all the elements of your plan in detail, a prototype of your app will say even more about it. It doesn’t matter if you are not a designer and that the prototype may not look as perfect as the end result will, the trick is giving your investors a glimpse of what it will look like and they will appreciate that visual representation no matter how it was made.

There are different tools that can help you prototype your app and one of them includes paper prototyping such as, for instance, offline prototyping with a stencil or making your sketches and photos interactive by connecting them with a tool. Alternatively, you can use software tools for prototyping and if you search online, you will find a number of them which are not complicated to use and that come with lots of templates. 

Outline the app’s brand identity

At this point, as mentioned, many elements are still flexible, including those of the brand identity. Your investors don’t expect you to have a completely finished product especially since if done professionally, a branding strategy can be costly. However, an outline might help you hook them to the idea easier. For starters, the logo is a strong visual representation which encompasses many elements and should be potent and memorable for your investors to connect better with your app idea.

When thinking about a logo and all that it needs to represent, you should strive for it to be simple enough for people to recall it, while at the same time easily differentiated from others. Also, it doesn’t have to show exactly what you do, in the sense that a dentist doesn’t have to have a tooth in its logo design. Sketching by hand can also help, regardless of whether you are good at it since it can be a powerful source of originality.  


To make your idea be heard, you need to put some thought into how you plan to express it. One of the best guides can be your business plan but naturally, with fewer details so as not to overbear your audience, in this case, the prospective investors. So, when it comes to presenting the idea, you should practice that concise content and makes some notes, just in case. 

Besides an interesting presentation, there are other visual elements which will turn the scales to your advantage and those are the app’s prototype and the logo. You shouldn’t worry about creating either of those since there are tools that can help you make a simple version of them by yourself. With proper pitch preparation and an original idea, your app will already be on its way to success.

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