Ideas to make your startup a fun workspace

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

As the place where most transactions and networking happen, the office is supposed to be a haven for its employees. In essence, it’s where people spend most of their lives, working to make the company more profitable. While Google and Facebook might have got it right with their interior design, most companies today fail to recognize the need to have certain gadgets and appliances in their office. Exploring the dynamics of the office and its employees, some of these items ought to be compulsory in offices to help improve productivity and overall employee well-being.

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Gaming Room

Sitting behind a desk all day can result in a lot of energy build up as a natural response to angry clients asking for more than they paid for, or a superior who thinks micro managing is a good idea. Having a games room can be helpful in this regard, as it allows people to release the pressure that stops them from being productive. Such an area should consist of bean bag couches, a pool table, video games and other similarly leisurely items.


USB Toys for Keeping Employees Entertained While They Work

If your employees are always chirping each other out – obviously in a light-hearted way – from other ends of the office, then maybe office warfare is a great way to get them bonding. You should consider providing toys such as USB rocket launchers, which allow co-workers to launch tiny projectiles at each other while they work. If this is too much of a distraction, there are other USB toys available that will entertain employees while they work such as miniature robots and body massagers.


Adequate access of strategically placed water

If you were to ask employees how much water they consume in a day, they’d probably say little to none. This kind of attitude to hydrating can lead to chronic dehydration, which lowers productivity greatly. People also become more irritable as they work because they feel exhausted. Having a multipurpose device that dispenses water also allows for less clutter in the kitchen, making the area easier on the eye.

Bean bags and couches

Who said the office should just feature bland desks and torturous chairs? A good addition to the workplace is a chill-out area. And no, we don’t mean the reception; we’re talking about a room or section of the office that’s away from the noise. This is where employees can relax and enjoy some sort of calm. When one enters this place of serenity, they shouldn’t be bothered by topics concerning the grumpy clients or unreliable internet connection – it should be a place of happiness.


Creative signs placed around the office

Apart from health and safety signs that you’re mandated to place in the office where needed, you can also come up with labels that show your sad attempt at humour. Think of signs that make light of the most mundane tasks such as taking a flight of stairs to the next department, or just entering into the boardroom. This will encourage creative thinking and productivity, as the area won’t be as tasteless as it originally was.


Chairs with better back support

Research has shown that the act of sitting all day is harmful to your body, with certain studies indicating that your chances of heart disease may increase by up to 64%, taking into account that these studies don’t include aspects such as posture. Doctors attribute back pain to the wrong sitting posture, which may be a result of lack of back support from a chair.

As an employer, it’s in your best interest to offer good quality chairs or mechanisms that support a person while they’re sitting. This reduces work related illness, which results in fewer days of work missed as a result of sick leave, and ultimately increased productivity for your company. If you’re not prepared to provide the right kind of chairs, then maybe you will consider providing the next handy gadget on the list.

Stand up desks

Seeing as sitting all day long is already a bad idea, the best thing to do may be to encourage your staff to stand up more often while they work. Enter standing desks: worktables that allow your employees to be flexible with the way they work. It’s recommended that you get tables that feature a height adjustable function, as this allows them to alternate between sitting and standing up straight. Couple this with a decent chair that doesn’t feel like you’re being continuously punched in your back, and you’ve got a winner.


To be honest, getting these essentials is entirely up to you. You’re only required by law to have a safe working environment that doesn’t directly or indirectly harm your employees. So, really there’s no obligation to get any of these items. However, if you don’t try to make your office a more comfortable area, your margins can and will be significantly affected. If you like the idea of losing millions and having a high staff turnover, then don’t get any of these items.

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