Logo design trends we can expect to see in 2017

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

As online businesses are ravishing the market, it becomes quite promising for you to check out on the latest logo designing trends. With 2017 already in your kitty, it’s time to look for the latest trends, hovering around this New Year. It is time to get simple yet sober logos and wave complex designs a good bye.

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From unique typography solutions to some promising animation, there are various interesting trends meant for you. So, it is mandatory for you to get along with the best tips first, and make way for a fascinating logo for your business.

Leaning towards broken letters

Now, this is a design which is quite in vogue, these days. Those days are long gone when spray paint and stencils used to make the most of the logo design service. It is time to add-on something new and promising, and that’s when broken letters came into being. 2017 is marking way for broken latter forms, which are quite different from that of utilitarian nature.

Create a cartoonish style

How about addressing a cartoonish style in your logo? For that, you might have to translate handmade designs to digitalized sectors. That might require a lot of hard work and specialized training. From vector tracing to scanner usage, everything needs to be in place. However, the reputed teams can now clearly focus on hand drawn designs, which are comforting, fresh, grounded and no doubt human.

Cropping is in these days

It’s time for you to show as little as possible while coming across any design. It was previously implemented in graphic design, and now can be seen in creating a logo, as well. Cropping has now become a great way to embrace the completely new idea of subtraction. It is now coming back in big ways and ravishing the entire designer field. It might help in creating a signature look, for cultural businesses. It further helps in expanding into space and way beyond the simple printing material.

Working on simple forms

As already mentioned, simple forms are now in style. Complex designs are quite rudimentary and it was a trend for previous years. But now things have changed drastically, and you are going to work on form simplification. If branding trends and logo are of any indication, then you might want to make some room for cleanliness. Even the visually busy logos are likely to be exchanged for simple and streamlined designs. Other than rebrands, simplified designs are currently forming up in new logos. Go for minimal, spacious branding as perfect design for your logo, these days.

Working on photographic textures

This is somewhat new and growing up with every passing day. Nowadays, logo design company is currently working on abstract photographic textures in branding and logo. This is an easy method to add some new personality to brand. Nowadays, majority of designers are looking forward to this trend, in creating unique and promising logo for your firm. These photographic textures can be of a wooden frame for creating a rustic look. Or you can create some geometric invasions for a new look.

Simplifying the color palette

This is something, which is not exactly the trend of 2017 but is likely to be seen more in this year. If you check some recent logos, you will see that logos are having less color, these days. These simple colors are likely to create new sense and meaning to the complete texture of your logo. This is further termed as a reductionist designing method. It provides each with a color space. You can even add texture on these mono colored logos, for enhancing its meaning.

Dealing with geometry shape

You cannot come across the first time, when geometry came into fashion. But, it’s in 2017 when it has gained a completely new hike. Nowadays, designers are looking for ways to create a geometric logotype, where shape uses are given much importance. From a simple red circle to a fine geometric shape, everything is allowed to be associated with logo.

Going through the trends

Always be sure to go through each one of these trends first, before you get to choose one. These are much in style these days. However, these are few of multiple logo designing trends, which will blow the market this year.

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