New ‘Reflect’ app launched to help foster productivity and personal development

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

Leicester based creative digital services business Coalescent is today launching a new app called ‘Reflect’ which is available now on the App Store.

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Recognising that the vast majority of people have busy lives and don’t set aside time to reflect on their own goals or aspirations for the future, the app aims to help users focus on the key areas of their life that are most important to them, and, through repetition and reflection, help them to foster new character traits or form new habits.

Using the app is simple and straightforward. “The idea is that users create a goal in the app and then take time out each day to reflect on each goal,” explains Joe Dawson, the app creator and owner of Coalescent. “Users can create as many goals as they like.”


At the end of every day, the user should work through the reflection process, which means answering three questions in relation to each goal. ‘How do I feel?’, ‘What did I do well today?’ and ‘What should I have done?’ Each goal can also have a list of action points so that the user can make a note of practical things they can do to help them achieve their goal.

This short video explains what Reflect is all about:

[vimeo id=”163541624″]

Each goal is listed on the main app screen in a red tile. The tile shows the goal title, the number of previous reflections, the number of items in the action point list, and the number of days since the goal was last reflected on. If a user wants to stop working on a particular goal, they can remove it from the main app screen by sending it to the archive. When viewing the archive, goals can also be permanently deleted.

“I wanted to create something that is useful and that would make a difference to peoples’ lives,” explains Dawson. “I hope that the app empowers people to change for the better in whatever way they’d like to. There are so many distractions and things occupying our time in our busy lives, and I hope that Reflect will help people to remember what’s important to them, and keep making progress.”

Learn more on the Reflect web page or get the app on the App Store.

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