Tips for starting a career in UX design

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

UX professionals are very much in demand which works well for you! A career in UX design is rewarding, interesting as well as challenging. Not only this, you can also get paid well! So here are some tips for starting a career in UX design:

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Get educated

This doesn’t mean that you have to invest a lot in a university degree though there are some quality education courses you can opt for.  In other words, you have to read, watch and listen to each and everything so that you can understand what UX designers do and how they do it! The subject matter is not hard in many of these courses and you have to learn a lot and the more you learn, the better you get.

Getting right tools

UX design is based on working with people rather than working on your own in front of a computer. There are two tasks that are unique which is conducting usability of guerrilla testing sessions and creating interactive wireframes. One of the best applications on which you can work is Balsamiq Mockups as your wireframing tool and Silverback for recording your testing data.

Witnessing some experiences

The next very step that you should take is putting your newly found ideas into practice.  It can be some time you spend by helping your friend in his/her small business. You need to seek some opportunities in order to discover your own capabilities.

You can also approach any organization or agency and do some volunteering in order to conduct some usability testing.

Getting a mentor

You will realize that after you find a mentor, it will be a turning point for you. Your mentor will not only help to shape your ideas and the process your work but also will encourage you for giving presentations at meetups and conferences.

Getting connected

UX jobs are not advertised and they come through referrals, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sources. There will be a lot of question and you have to build trust with your interviewer. You can easily follow some of the best UK thought leaders on Twitter.

Getting hired

After all these bumps you should get hired and before that, you should create a portfolio of your work! Like other designers, you should also have an A3 portfolio which will showcase examples of deliveries that you have produced!

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