Upload more pictures to boost your social media engagement

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

Did you have any idea about the fact that the Facebook users share 696,876 pieces of content every minute? Every day there are more than 80 million photos that are being posted on Instagram and 500 million Tweets which are being shared on Twitter and given this kind of content influx on the various social networking sites, it gets even tougher for the brands to stand out in the crowd and create their own niche. The ultimate competition is to sustain and grab the attention of the largest number of audience on the social media. Hence, it is safe to say now that visuals are no longer an option but they’ve become essential and a core part of a lucrative social media strategy.

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Do you still not believe that graphics have got a staggering impact on the posts which you share on the social networking sites? Well, as per Twitter, the tweets which carry photos obtain an average of 40% boost in the numbers of Retweets. In fact, Jeff Bullas, social media strategist is of the opinion that the posts made on Facebook which carry images get an average of 45% more engagement. Moreover, Buzzsumo saw that the posts along with pictures get 2.3 times increased engagement as compared to those that don’t carry pictures.

No signs of slowing down

The social media images are so much in demand that the search phrase ‘social media images’ has been increasing rapidly over the years and there are no signs of slowing down, as per Google Trends Reports. Users are using photo editor blemish remover to edit their pictures and make them social media worthy and are sharing them constantly on their favorite social networking sites.

However, if you search with the phrase ‘social media images’, you won’t be able to stand out in the crowd in the field of newsfeeds. The best that you can get is the links to stock photography sites which the competitors are probably leveraging to promote the services and products. In order to become successful, you actually require a perfect social media strategy. Hence, all you need to learn is the way you can create the most interesting visuals, scale them, size them and edit them as per the specifications of the respective social media platforms.

Identifying the social media images which can resonate

Before you rush forward to devote all your resources and time to the creation of new images, you should figure out the kind of visual content that your audience will find as most engaging. To determine this, you have pull forward the social historical data for every network on which your users remain active on. Choose the content which has received maximum reach and engagement and then analyze the attributions of the image which are shared through the content. Identify the main patterns through social networks and utilize the details for making future informed decisions.

You may use the tools like Sprout Social to obtain data from several social networking platforms at the same time. Once you’re done with the trial, you can get easy access to the social data straightaway from that social media site.

Secret to create engaging images for the social media

  • Photography

With the invention and popularity of smartphones, it has become easier for people to click pictures, that too of professional level. You can invest in buying a smartphone which has got the best camera and start clicking pictures and videos.

  • Buying images

In case you’re not able to click your own pictures for sharing on social media, you can even purchase custom images. There are several such websites which allow you to hire a content curator who can design infographics, design images and also create eBooks.

  • Graphic design

Although the investment that you need to make is more than what you would need to buy a smartphone, yet it is feasible for all the marketers to know the ways in which you can design images from the grass-root level. There are also tons of software options and free resources where such skills are taught.

Therefore, whenever you’re thinking of boosting engagement on the social media by posting images, keep in mind the above mentioned tips and strategies.

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