Explode your app store sales using these 4 web content methods

Last checked and updated on 27 June 2019

When you’ve finally finished developing your app and it’s ready to upload to the digital store, your work still isn’t over. Putting as much effort into your marketing activities is essential if you want to ensure your brilliant app gets in front of the right people. 

No marketing strategy can be done on the hoof, however. You should understand where you need have an impact to maximise your activities and develop a strategy that makes the best use of your budget. 

Did you know, for instance, that half of customers utilise mobile to find out about products and brands and that mobile can speed the time to purchase by as much as 20%? If your website isn’t mobile ready, you could be missing out on a whole lot of customers.

Get a business website?

Your website is a key way to increase your app downloads and an indispensable marketing tool. But where should you start?

Here we take a look at 4 vital ways you should be using your website content to feed directly into your app store sales. 

1. Quality content

In the rush to get information and other marketing material out there, app developers can be guilty of throwing content onto their site in the hope that it’s going to lead to sales. 

They’ve got a great app, right? It speaks for itself.

The truth is that you need to spend time and energy creating really good marketing content. It needs to be directed at your target demographic and it must be useful and interesting to them. 

If you cannot engage effectively in this way, you will discover pretty quickly one of the biggest pitfalls of business – when no one knows who you are, it’s difficult to sell your product to them. 

Quality content has a number of benefits. Apart from providing useful information that helps the customer make up their mind about your app, it builds trust, something that’s the lifeblood of any good business.

  • Quality content gets shared, which means more people will see you. 
  • Quality content is quoted and linked back to your site, which can improve your SEO ranking. 
  • Quality content gives you something to use on social media and reach more of your potential customers. 

Understanding your target audience needs to a key focus here. Without a deep understanding of what they like and what they are looking for, it will be hard to deliver the right content, whether it’s a blog post, a video or an entertaining infographic. 

2. Make use of new formats

You may be tempted to focus on relatively familiar marketing tools such as social media. Twitter, Facebook and the like are cheap and can reach a lot of people, and you shouldn’t avoid them. You should, however, try different types of media. For instance, more than half of users want to see video content relating to the brand they like. 

In fact, video has fast become the number one marketing tool because it is viewed by so many people, has a powerful impact and production costs have come down in the last few years. 

We suggest that you branch into new areas including video (including live feeds), infographics, and even email. This is all about widening your scope so that you reach the right people in the way they want to be contacted. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also focus on things like blog posts, well-written web copy and effective landing pages either. Just don’t be afraid to diversify, particularly if you have done your audience research. In short, writing a long blog about your app when your main audience is watching video is not going to work. 

3. Have an SEO strategy

It’s become much harder to rank on the first page on search engines like Google but it’s not impossible. A lot depends on your sector and the competition there.

That’s why you need to have and understand your strategy. Short keywords may be too competitive for you to rank for, but long-tail ones can be productive if you find the right ones. 

  • Long-tail keywords, that is combinations of 3 or more words, have lower search volume but often have higher quality leads. 
  • Optimising assets like videos and images improves your chance of being discovered online. This is especially true of video because Google likes it a lot (they own YouTube, so it’s not a surprise).
  • If your app appeals to a local audience, making sure you have the appropriate SEO keywords in place is vital and gives you more chance of ranking highly. 
  • On your website, make sure that you have the proper HTML tags in place so that you can start selling to your audience the second they see your details on a search engine. 

There is a lot to SEO and it’s a complicated business. However, making sure you pay special attention to it is vital if you want your app to be noticed online by ranking highly for searches. 

4. Get links in with guest posts

Inbound links demonstrate the popularity of your site and can improve search rankings as well as drive traffic. The trouble is that these need to be from reputable sites.

In the past, marketers spent a lot of time and effort spam-blogging across low-grade internet sites to get thousands of inbound links to their client’s site. This is no longer possible. 

What you can do is find good websites (those that have a strong reputation and which don’t use any black hat or spamming) and ask to post a guest blog. Many sites are looking for strong content and, while they can’t pay, they normally allow one or two inbound links to your site. What this activity also does is put your brand on other sites, boosting visibility

Another way to build strong links to your site is to provide the type of content that people actually want to link to. That could mean creating, for example, resource lists for your sector, news or even opinion pieces. Infographics are one of the most linked to website assets. 

While there are other ways to market your app once it hits the stores, these four approaches should go a good way to ensuring you get your message out to the world. Bringing them all together, however, can be hard work; but it’s worth it. 

At Creative.onl, we can help you develop the app marketing solutions that really work for your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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