Best Shopify referral tools – the complete guide

Last checked and updated on September 3, 2021

Do you want to grow your Shopify store and get more customers? If so, then you should use some of the best Shopify referral tools. There are many different ways these tools will help you: they can track referrals from your social media channels, monitor reviews on Google and Yelp, engage with customers on live chat, or send emails when a customer requests a refund. All of these strategies work well for growing your business!

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 OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is a very useful referral marketing tool that increases traffic to a website and helps achieve higher conversion rates.

It solves two essential goals for marketers. First, it provides marketers with a scalable way of increasing visitor count on their website without the need for large campaigns and budgets. Second, it enables those who use affiliate marketing to get paid at every point of the funnel – from advertising to selling – by linking affiliate offers into your product catalog via API feeds or manual database entry.

This is one of the best Shopify referral tools on the market. They offer a wide array of software solutions for both affiliate and merchant and numerous integrations with other third-party retail platforms.


Ripley is an all-inclusive Shopify provider. We provide digital marketing, SEO content work, platform development, and more with strategy and design services.

Ripley has been successfully helping merchants of all sizes with their new or existing stores since 2009. We have a combined experience of 10+ years working in digital marketing on a team responsible for the lead generation campaigns of some major web-based companies. Whether you’re interested in improving conversion rates to sell more products or simply looking to populate your Drum Set Lab website with quality content.


YourFunnel is a referral marketing tool, and you can start your funnels or use the pre-built funnel templates on the platform.

The MyFunnel system helps you generate leads to grow your business without advertising by leveraging referrals. By making it easy for people to recommend products and services that will work for them, you’re getting the crowd of advocates to talk about what THEY love about those products and services instead of what YOU want them to say because they became motivated through endorsements from their peers.


DataValidation’s Refer-A-Friend Program is a standard referral marketing tool that enables data validation service providers to get paid by referring leads from their customers. It provides any customer with the potential for exponential income by sharing their business opportunity with all their friends and family.

The next time someone puts in the contact information of the referred lead, they will be directed to enter in your unique personalized code, which awards you credit points based on the dollar amount of transactions.


Reservety is a referral marketing tool that rewards advocates for referring their friends, family, and neighbors to local businesses. 

With so many people sharing their experience online, more companies are turning to peer-to-peer referrals as a way to capture influence. This type of system works because it relies on experience, people are coming across these reviews or hearing from someone else who has used the company in question – these reviews have more authority because the feedback came from someone they know who uses the product or service.


phpList is a referral marketing tool that has been around for over 20 years, making it the number one software-based email marketing system in the industry. It offers advanced management of subscriptions and mailing lists, automated follow-up messages, discounts and coupons, and much more.

One of phpList’s most popular features is its “Email Triangulations,”that lets you send out three different versions of a campaign with automatic content rotation. When subscribers view your emails, they can see different versions of the offer from your business on an individual basis.


We’ll use an analogy to help demonstrate how CO-SENDER works. Let’s say Alice wants to advertise with her flyer what Sally is selling in her shop. There is no problem as long as she restricts herself to the already found and distributed flyers around town.

However, if she goes after Bob, who just walked around the corner and has yet been reached by any of Alice’s advertising, we have a problem because there are no flyers with Sally’s products on them yet! CO-SENDER solves this dilemma by allowing Alice to share copies of her flyers through digital channels.


AscendCRM is a referral marketing software to track, grow and pitch your database of referrals for email marketing, mailing house, or the sale of your products.

Ascend campaigns are created on our platform to promote leads or customers already on our system to focus on generating new business versus spending to warm up your contacts list. There is no limit to how many people can be looped into a campaign since each prospect will get an individualized message with tailored content. 

Stockbox Photo Gallery

Stockbox Photo Gallery is a photography backend storefront that gives you unparalleled control of your business like Hunting Bow Lab. They provide beautiful galleries, customer saving and signing up for services, geo-targeting tools, unlimited storage space, and more!

They offer portfolio and gallery templates, so there’s no need to use external plugins or custom demand code. HTML/CSS are fully customizable; unlike many other platforms, they do not have recurring fees but a flat rate fee that is also optional. It is definitely what you need.


Retainly is a referral marketing tool that helps brands generate post-sale referrals through word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

Retainly enables businesses to generate referral opportunities after purchase and measure the ROI of word of mouth (a notoriously tricky thing to do with other traditional forms of marketing). Customers who provide an email address on their account are automatically added as leads in RETAppTM, containing detailed contact information, including background and interests, for further targeting. This powerful combination provides vital insights into potential customer conversion rates and lifetime value driven by purchase.

We’ve analyzed the top Shopify referral tools to help you choose what will work best for your business. Our research uncovered three key factors that make a solid online marketing strategy and why some of these referrals are better than others. Let us know which one is most relevant to your company by commenting below or contact us directly!

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