Top ten Firefox add-ons for designers and developers

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers, especially when it comes to the preference of designers and developers. Many developers prefer Firefox for its vast library of extensions and add-ons. These add-ons enhance the web experience and many become essential for the software gurus. When compared with Chrome, the plug-ins available tends to slow the software down so people move towards an alternate source that is both effective and efficient. Following ten add-ons are a must-have for anyone related with the field of software design and development or simply passionate designers:

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SeoQuake provides the developers with an SEO bar that can optimize websites for search engines. This add-on can help a developer or a designer to identify any issue related to search engine optimization and indexing at great ease and convenience. Improvement of search engine indexing can help improve the traffic frequency on the desired webpage instantly.

Total Validator

Total Validator is a complete extension that can help validate any information online. The add-on allows the user to check links and HTML, take screenshots, etc. The extension takes screenshots from various browsers to check the appearance of the webpage, run a search for broken links, validate US-508 and WCAG settings as well as perform spell-check in five different languages.

Web Developer

As the name suggests, Web Developer is a wonderful add-on built for developers. It offers a huge suite of web design tools that can help in efficient task performance. The application can measure design elements, validate web design, present information on any webpage and inspect the CSS. It is a simple toolbar with complete web designing package.


Codatech is an excellent Firefox add-on that can provide assistance with the editing of documents on any webpage you are surfing. Like Adobe Dreamweaver, it is a web editing interface which helps the designers to finish their source based tasks. The extension is a fully featured editor for web pages that the developer spends his day surfing through.


One of the most powerful add-ons, Firebug is considered as an ultimate tool for all developers and designers. The application allows monitoring, debugging and editing of JavaScript, HTML and CSS anywhere on any webpage. Moreover, it allows the management of cookies, exploration of DOM objectives, monitoring of network activities as well as finding errors immediately.

Page Speed

Slow websites are always hated by visitors. Page Speed allows the developers to test the page and suggest improvements for increasing the speed of the webpage. The extension can test the ability of a website to render quickly and make appropriate changes to enhance the user experience and the usability and also help save time.


ColorZilla uses an eyedropper similar to the one used in the traditional paint software of windows. You can pick up a colour, adjust it according to your needs and then paste it into another program. You can also pick up the points of a required colour and then the add-on will determine the CSS rules that apply to it.

Open With

With the modern web designing methods, it is difficult for websites to support each and every type of browser. With the help of Open With, you can adjust the browser settings to make it compatible with the browser you are using. The websites moulds itself accordingly so that none of the information that you want is missed out due to lack of appropriate resources.


Greasemonkey allows you to adjust the java script on any website. The advantage of this add-on is that you can alter the website in the way you like instead of adapting to the original settings. Every time you gain access to a website, the add-on adds active scripts to it which allows you to create, edit or delete the different aspects of a web page providing you with a customized version.


This handy add-on called the Firesizer allows you to change the resolution of the entire window and is not only limited to the HTML area. If you raise the question as to why this is important? The thing is, not every user that you target will have the same settings as you. So, in order to facilitate other users, you need to make sure your website is compatible with low resolution settings.

Developers and designers need all the tools they can get in order to maximize and enhance the user experience on the web. The extensions mentioned above are essential, because when combined together, they offer a complete package to the creators for designing the website in an effective manner. So if you are looking for an ultimate deal to help you create the best websites possible, look no further than the ones mentioned above.