Metro Bank vs HSBC for business banking

Updated on 7 August 2023

Choosing the right bank for your business is a crucial step that can influence your company’s operations, growth, and success. In the UK, Metro Bank vs HSBC are two prominent players in the banking sector that offer a range of business banking services.

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This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison between these two banking giants to help you make an informed decision that caters to your business needs.

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Metro Bank vs HSBC

FeaturesMetro BankHSBC
Business Current AccountYesYes
Online & Mobile BankingYesYes
International Business ServicesYesYes
Startup PackagesYesYes
Cash DepositFree up to a limitCharges apply
Business Credit CardYesYes
Business LoansYesYes
Business Savings AccountYesYes
Contactless Payment SupportYesYes
Business InsuranceYesYes
Branch NetworkUK focusedGlobal
24/7 Customer ServiceYesYes
FX ServicesYesYes
Merchant ServicesYesYes
Invoice FinancingYesYes
Business Debit CardYesYes
Wealth Management ServicesNoYes
Sustainability ServicesLimitedExtensive
Business Mentor ServicesNoYes
Metro Bank vs HSBC

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HSBC Business Banking
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Metro Business Banking
✓ Business Current Account
✓ High Street Presence
✓ FSCS Protected
Pricing Trial period Contact

Mettle Business Banking
✓ Business Bank Account
✓ Online & App
✓ Quick & Easy Application Process
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Monzo Business Banking
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Metro Bank

Metro Bank, a newer entrant in the UK banking sector, provides a comprehensive range of banking services aimed specifically at businesses. It distinguishes itself through its customer-focused approach, modern banking features, and an extensive range of digital services.

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Pros and cons


  • Modern and user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms.
  • Great customer service with 24/7 telephone support.
  • No monthly fees for businesses with a balance above a certain threshold.
  • In-person banking services with extended branch opening hours.
  • Free cash deposits up to a certain limit.


  • Limited international presence may affect businesses operating globally.
  • Lack of wealth management services.
  • Fewer sustainable business services compared to other major banks.

Table of fees and charges

Business Current Account£5/month (if balance is below threshold)
Cash Deposit (above the limit)0.7% of cash deposit
Business Credit Card£12/year
Overdraft15% EAR
Business LoansStarts at 4.5% p.a.
Metro Bank fees and charges

Unique and standout features

Metro Bank is renowned for its innovative, customer-centric approach to banking.

They are known for their ‘stores’ – bank branches with extended opening hours, seven days a week, a rarity in traditional banking.

Metro Bank’s online and mobile banking platforms are exceptionally user-friendly, offering modern features like bulk payments, accounting software integration, and personalised cash flow forecasts.

They also stand out with their free cash deposits up to a limit, something which can significantly benefit cash-heavy businesses.


HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, offers a comprehensive suite of business banking services. Their global presence and extensive range of services make them a viable option for businesses of all sizes.

Pros and cons


  • Extensive global network benefits businesses operating internationally.
  • Wide range of services including wealth management and business mentor services.
  • Strong sustainability services to assist businesses in becoming greener.
  • Advanced security measures and fraud detection systems.


  • Some services, such as cash deposits, involve additional charges.
  • Customer service experience can vary.
  • Online banking platform may not be as intuitive as newer banks.

Table of fees and charges

Business Current Account£6.50/month
Cash Deposit0.5% of cash deposit
Business Credit Card£32/year
Overdraft19.9% EAR
Business LoansStarts at 4.9% p.a.
HSBC fees and charges

Unique and standout features

HSBC’s standout feature is its global presence, with branches in numerous countries, making them a preferred choice for businesses with international operations.

Their range of sustainability services, including green loans and sustainability-focused advice, are also distinctive features.

Additionally, HSBC offers wealth management services and business mentorship programs, which can be invaluable for businesses looking for strategic advice and growth opportunities.

Conclusion – Metro Bank vs HSBC

In choosing between Metro Bank and HSBC for business banking, it boils down to your business’s individual needs and circumstances.

If your business operates primarily within the UK and values a modern, digital-first banking experience, Metro Bank’s innovative features and extended branch hours could be attractive.

On the other hand, if your business operates globally or values a wide range of services including wealth management and sustainability services, HSBC’s extensive offerings and international network could be more appealing.

Ultimately, it’s important to assess your business needs thoroughly before making a decision.


Are my deposits safe with Metro Bank and HSBC?

Yes, both banks are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). Deposits up to £85,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Can I open a business account online with both banks?

Yes, both Metro Bank and HSBC allow online applications for business accounts.

Do these banks offer support for startups?

Yes, both Metro Bank and HSBC offer startup packages that include business accounts, access to business advisors, and other resources.

What kind of customer support can I expect from these banks?

Both banks provide customer support through various channels, including telephone, email, and in-branch services. Metro Bank offers 24/7 telephone support, while HSBC’s customer service hours may vary.

Do they offer banking services for freelancers or sole traders?

Yes, both Metro Bank and HSBC offer services tailored to freelancers and sole traders, including current accounts, savings accounts, and access to business advice.

Are there any charges for using ATM services?

Both Metro Bank and HSBC offer free cash withdrawals at their ATMs. However, for international withdrawals, charges may apply. Please check with the respective bank for the current rates.

Can I integrate my business account with accounting software?

Yes, both banks offer the ability to integrate with popular accounting software. However, availability may depend on the specific software package.

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