Wise vs HSBC for business banking

Updated on 7 August 2023

In the competitive business banking landscape, choosing the right bank for your company can make a considerable difference in your bottom line. Among the multitude of options, two that stand out are Wise, previously known as TransferWise, a fintech company known for its international money transfer services, and HSBC, one of the largest traditional banking institutions worldwide. This article will help you understand how Wise vs HSBC compare in terms of features, pros, cons, fees, and unique characteristics.

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Wise vs HSBC

Business account setupOnlineOnline or Branch
Mobile bankingYesYes
Global money transfersYesYes
Real-time notificationsYesYes
Employee cardsYesYes
Cheque handlingNoYes
Loans and credit facilitiesNoYes
Multi-currency accountsYesYes
Fixed term deposit accountsNoYes
FX ratesMid-market rateMarked up rate
Debit CardsYesYes
Credit CardsNoYes
Telephone BankingYesYes
Video BankingNoYes
Savings AccountsNoYes
Interest on BalanceNoYes, on certain accounts
Direct DebitsYesYes
Standing OrdersYesYes
Integration with Accounting SoftwareYesYes
Wise vs HSBC

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Wise, a fintech company renowned for revolutionising the international money transfer market, offers a business account that gives businesses the freedom to transact globally at minimal costs.

Pros and cons


  • Transparency: Wise provides upfront, clear costs with no hidden charges.
  • Affordability: The platform charges low, competitive fees for international money transfers.
  • Multicurrency features: With the multi-currency account, businesses can hold and manage funds in 50+ currencies.
  • Integration: Wise integrates with business tools like Xero and Quickbooks for smooth business operations.


  • Limited services: Wise lacks services offered by traditional banks, such as loans, credit cards, and savings accounts.
  • No physical branches: All services are online, which may not suit businesses preferring face-to-face banking.

Table of fees and charges

Account SetupFree
Monthly Account FeeFree
International Transfer0.35-2.85% + fixed fee
Receiving MoneyFree
Debit Card IssuanceFree
Wise fees and charges

Unique and standout features

Wise’s most unique feature is its multi-currency account, which allows businesses to hold over 50 currencies and convert them whenever needed at the real exchange rate.

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This feature can significantly reduce currency conversion costs.

Furthermore, Wise’s integration with popular accounting tools can simplify accounting tasks for businesses.

Finally, its batch payment tool enables businesses to pay up to 1,000 invoices at once.


HSBC is a global banking giant offering a comprehensive suite of business banking services and products.

Pros and cons


  • Full-service bank: HSBC offers a wide range of services, from loans and overdrafts to savings accounts and fixed deposits.
  • Global presence: HSBC’s vast network of branches can be an advantage for businesses with international operations.
  • Relationship management: Dedicated relationship managers are available to provide personalised banking advice.


  • Fees: HSBC’s fees for international transfers and other services can be higher compared to fintech competitors.
  • Complex Pricing: It can be challenging to understand HSBC’s fees structure, as they often vary based on individual business circumstances.

Table of fees and charges

Account SetupFree
Monthly Account Fee£5.50-£6.50
International Transfer£4-£30
Receiving Money£0-£8
Debit Card IssuanceFree
HSBC fees and charges

Unique and standout features

HSBC’s unique offering is its comprehensive business banking services, making it a one-stop-shop for many companies.

The bank’s International Business Guides provide critical market insights and advice for businesses considering international expansion.

Additionally, their video banking service, which allows face-to-face consultations with HSBC specialists through a secure video link, sets it apart in the digital banking era.

Conclusion – Wise vs HSBC

When choosing between Wise vs HSBC for business banking, the decision depends on your business’s unique needs.

If your business frequently handles international transactions and you seek a straightforward, cost-effective solution, Wise’s business account may be an excellent choice.

However, if your business requires more comprehensive banking services, including credit facilities and a broad physical branch network, HSBC might be more suitable.


Does Wise offer credit facilities?

No, Wise does not currently offer credit facilities such as loans or credit cards.

Can HSBC integrate with accounting software?

Yes, HSBC integrates with popular accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero.

What currencies can I hold in my Wise multi-currency account?

You can hold and manage funds in over 50 different currencies with Wise’s multi-currency account.

Does HSBC offer relationship managers for business accounts?

Yes, HSBC offers dedicated relationship managers for their business banking customers to provide personalised advice.

Can I set up a Wise business account at a physical branch?

No, Wise is a digital-only platform, and all services, including account setup, are handled online.

What kind of businesses can benefit most from HSBC’s banking services?

Businesses that require a wide array of banking services, such as loans, credit facilities, and international banking, could benefit significantly from HSBC’s comprehensive offerings.

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