Top 12 best Royal Mail-authorised franking machine suppliers, listed and reviewed

Updated on 29 August 2023

Franking machines are a vital tool for businesses of all sizes, offering a cost-effective and efficient method of managing large volumes of mail. The Royal Mail has authorised several UK suppliers to provide these machines, ensuring that they meet their stringent requirements.

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Here, we will review the top 12 authorised UK franking machine suppliers, offering insights into their services, pricing, and customer support.

Best franking machine suppliers

Certainly! Here’s the information about the Top 12 Royal Mail authorised UK franking machine suppliers in tabular form:

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RankSupplierWebsitePhone Number
1Pitney Boweswww.pitneybowes.com0844 499 2992
2Neopost (now Quadient)www.quadient.com020 8502 8487 45 11 25
4Francotyp-Postalia (FP Mailing) 522 3563 572 776
6Twofold 951 9800
7European Postal Systems Ltd (EPS) 982 0988
8Totalpostwww.totalpost.com01434 422600
9The Mailing Roomwww.themailingroom.com0800 019 2033
10Nationwide Franking 30 30 15
11Ashcroft Mailing 768 730
12AMS Mailing 460111
Best franking machine suppliers

This table offers a quick reference to the leading franking machine suppliers in the UK, allowing businesses to easily access their websites and contact information.

Pitney Bowes

Products and services

Pitney Bowes is one of the leading global suppliers of franking machines. Their offerings range from small-volume solutions to high-volume automated systems.

Customer feedback

Known for reliability and excellent customer support, Pitney Bowes continues to be a popular choice among UK businesses.

Neopost (now Quadient)

Products and services

Quadient, formerly known as Neopost, offers a wide array of franking machines tailored to various business needs.

Customer feedback

Customers often praise their intuitive design and user-friendly interface, making them an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.


Products and services

Frama‘s range of franking machines includes modern, touch-screen models, providing a seamless and efficient mailing process.

Customer feedback

Known for innovative features and dependable performance, Frama maintains a strong presence in the market.

Francotyp-Postalia (FP Mailing)

Products and services

With a history dating back over 90 years, FP offers an extensive range of franking machines suitable for different mailing volumes.

Customer feedback

Users appreciate their long-standing reputation for quality and consistency in their products.


Products and services

Mailcoms provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for businesses looking to optimise their mailing process.

Customer feedback

Their focus on sustainability and budget-friendly options has made them a favourite among eco-conscious businesses.

Twofold Ltd

Products and services

Twofold offers a broad selection of franking machines, from basic models to advanced systems integrated with mailroom equipment.

Customer feedback

With responsive customer service and bespoke solutions, Twofold has garnered praise for flexibility and innovation.

European Postal Systems Ltd (EPS)

Products and services

EPS is dedicated to supplying quality and user-friendly franking machines with a range of accessories.

Customer feedback

Their commitment to customer care and after-sale support has cemented their reputation as a reliable supplier.


Products and services

Totalpost is a prominent supplier with a variety of franking machines that can fit different business needs.

Customer feedback

Clients frequently highlight their competitive pricing and high standard of customer support.

The Mailing Room

Products and services

Offering an extensive selection of franking machines, The Mailing Room focuses on tailored solutions for every business.

Customer feedback

Their commitment to understanding individual business needs is often highlighted in customer reviews.

Nationwide Franking Sense

Products and services

Specialising in both new and refurbished machines, Nationwide Franking Sense offers options for all budgets.

Customer feedback

Their flexible leasing options and robust customer support have made them a strong choice for many businesses.

Ashcroft Mailing Solutions

Products and services

Ashcroft focuses on providing franking machines that deliver efficiency without compromising on quality.

Customer feedback

Known for friendly customer service and reliable products, Ashcroft continues to be a favoured supplier.

AMS Mailing Systems

Products and services

AMS offers an array of modern franking machines with digital integration for streamlined mail processing.

Customer feedback

Their forward-thinking approach to technology makes them a go-to choice for businesses seeking modern mailing solutions.

What makes a good franking machine supplier?

Choosing a franking machine supplier is not merely about selecting a product; it’s about forming a partnership with a provider that aligns with your business needs. Here’s what you should consider:

Quality products

Good suppliers offer high-quality, reliable franking machines that cater to various mail volumes and are certified by Royal Mail. Consider machines that are user-friendly and offer features that match your specific requirements.

Excellent customer support

Look for suppliers who provide robust customer support through multiple channels. Whether it’s technical support or general queries, timely assistance can make all the difference in your mailing process.

Flexible pricing

Depending on your budget and needs, a good supplier should provide various pricing options, including leasing or outright purchase, along with comprehensive maintenance packages.


Review customer testimonials and ask for references to gauge the supplier’s reputation. Companies with a positive track record are likely to offer consistent quality and support.


Consider suppliers that are committed to sustainability, offering energy-efficient machines and recycling programmes for consumables.

How to choose the right franking machine supplier

  1. Assess your needs: Determine your mailing volume, preferred features, and budget.
  2. Compare options: Use the above criteria to compare different suppliers from the Royal Mail authorised list.
  3. Ask for demos: If possible, ask for product demonstrations to get a hands-on experience of the machine’s functionality.
  4. Consider after-sales service: Look into the supplier’s maintenance and support offerings, ensuring they provide adequate after-sales service.
  5. Consult with peers: Sometimes, the best insights come from peers in your industry who have experience with the suppliers you are considering.
  6. Negotiate terms: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the terms that suit your business, including pricing and maintenance agreements.
  7. Think long-term: Your relationship with the supplier is likely to be long-term, so consider factors like upgrade options and ongoing support.

By taking these factors into account, you can find a franking machine supplier that not only delivers a quality product but becomes a reliable partner in your business’s growth.

Remember, the right supplier will align their services with your business goals, providing a tailored solution that enhances your mailing process efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Selecting the right franking machine supplier can make a significant difference in your business’s mail handling efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

By choosing from the Royal Mail’s authorised UK franking machine suppliers, you can be assured of quality and compliance. Whether prioritising innovation, customer service, or sustainability, this list provides a comprehensive guide to make an informed choice based on your unique business needs.


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