Zettle review – A good choice for payment processing? Features, fees, pros and cons explained

Updated on 25 April 2024

As business operations are increasingly digitised, a reliable and efficient payment processing system is essential for most organisations. One company that’s gained significant attention in this sector is Zettle, owned by the global fintech giant PayPal. This article will offer a comprehensive review of Zettle, covering its offerings, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and comparing it to some viable alternatives in the market.

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Overview of Zettle – what’s on offer?

Zettle, previously known as iZettle, is a Swedish payment processing company that was acquired by PayPal in 2018. It’s primarily targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses, offering a suite of services that help facilitate smoother and safer transactions. Zettle’s core proposition is its point of sale (POS) service, featuring a portable card reader that can process payments anywhere, combined with a user-friendly mobile app.

The Zettle card reader is compatible with both chip and pin and contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. This flexibility allows businesses to accommodate a variety of customers, regardless of their preferred payment method.

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Beyond its card reader, Zettle provides a free POS app that operates on both iOS and Android devices. This app isn’t just for payment processing – it offers a suite of features that can support business operations, including sales tracking, inventory management, and detailed financial reporting.

What’s particularly noteworthy is Zettle’s compatibility with PayPal, which offers a seamless integration for businesses already using PayPal’s services. Furthermore, its integrations extend to popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, and accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero.

Pros and cons of Zettle

Like any service, Zettle comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Below are key points to consider:


  • Ease of use: Zettle’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to set up and start accepting payments quickly.
  • Flexibility: The card reader is portable and allows businesses to accept a wide range of payment methods.
  • No monthly fee: Zettle operates on a pay-as-you-go model, so there are no recurring costs or contractual obligations.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with PayPal, e-commerce platforms, and accounting software.
  • Advanced POS features: The POS app offers tools for sales tracking, inventory management, and financial reporting.


  • Cost per transaction: While there’s no monthly fee, Zettle charges a fee per transaction which can add up for businesses with high sales volumes.
  • Limited customer support: While Zettle does offer customer support, it’s primarily online, which can be a downside for businesses that prefer phone or in-person support.
  • Limited customisation: While the POS app is robust, it offers limited customisation options, which might be limiting for some businesses.
  • Geographical limitation: Zettle’s service is not available globally, which could be an issue for businesses operating in unsupported regions.

Zettle products and services guide

Zettle’s main offering is its payment processing service, including a mobile card reader and POS app. However, Zettle also provides additional products and services that aim to support and simplify business operations.

  • Card Reader: Zettle’s card reader, designed to be portable and user-friendly, accepts chip and pin, contactless cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • POS App: The free POS app provides a suite of business tools, including real-time sales tracking, inventory management, and detailed financial reports. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Zettle Go: This advanced version of the POS app offers additional features like invoicing, staff accounts, and multi-store management.
  • Zettle Pro: Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, this version offers table management and integrates with restaurant-specific software.
  • E-commerce Integration: Zettle integrates seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, providing a unified system for in-person and online sales.
  • Accounting Software Integration: Zettle is compatible with popular accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero, simplifying the process of bookkeeping and financial management.

Zettle pricing, fees and charges explained

Zettle operates on a pay-as-you-go model, which means businesses only pay transaction fees and don’t have to worry about monthly charges or long-term contracts.

For card machine transactions, the fee is 1.75% per transaction, regardless of the card type. For online payments and invoice transactions, the fee increases to 2.5%. While these fees might seem small on an individual transaction level, they can accumulate for businesses with high sales volumes.

The cost of the Zettle card reader is another upfront expense to consider. While the pricing can vary based on promotional offers, the standard price for the Zettle card reader is around £59 excluding VAT.

Alternatives to Zettle

While Zettle offers robust services, there are alternatives worth considering depending on your business needs.

Square: Like Zettle, Square offers a mobile card reader and POS system. It also provides additional business management features, such as employee scheduling and email marketing.

SumUp: SumUp is another mobile payment processing service that competes directly with Zettle. It offers a lower transaction fee (1.69%), which could be beneficial for businesses with high sales volumes.

PayPal Here: For businesses already using PayPal for online transactions, PayPal Here offers an integrated mobile card reader and POS system. However, its transaction fees are slightly higher than Zettle’s.

Conclusion – Is Zettle a good choice?

Overall, Zettle offers a robust, user-friendly payment processing solution that’s especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses. The ease of use, wide range of accepted payment methods, and additional business features make it a strong contender in the market.

However, the transaction fees and potential limitations in customer support and customisation could be potential drawbacks for some businesses. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully consider these factors and potentially explore other options like Square, SumUp, or PayPal Here.

Before deciding, we recommend that businesses closely examine their specific needs, including transaction volume, required features, and budget. The right payment processing system can significantly impact business operations and customer satisfaction.

FAQ – Zettle review

What is Zettle?

Zettle is a payment processing service offering a mobile card reader and POS system primarily for small and medium-sized businesses.

Who owns Zettle?

Zettle is owned by the global fintech giant PayPal.

How much does Zettle cost?

Zettle operates on a pay-as-you-go model, charging 1.75% per card transaction and 2.5% for online payments and invoices. The card reader costs around £59.

What payment methods does Zettle accept?

Zettle accepts chip and pin, contactless cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What additional features does Zettle offer?

Beyond payment processing, Zettle offers sales tracking, inventory management, and financial reporting through its POS app.

Does Zettle have monthly fees?

No, Zettle does not have monthly fees or contractual obligations.

Is Zettle available globally?

No, Zettle’s service is not available globally, so it’s important to check if it’s supported in your region.

How does Zettle compare to alternatives like Square and SumUp?

While similar in many aspects, differences lie in transaction fees, additional features, and user experience. Businesses should consider these factors before deciding.

Is there customer support for Zettle?

Yes, Zettle provides online customer support. However, it’s worth noting that phone or in-person support may be limited.

Can Zettle be used for online sales?

Yes, Zettle integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, allowing businesses to manage in-person and online sales seamlessly.

Does Zettle integrate with accounting software?

Yes, Zettle integrates with popular accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero, which can simplify bookkeeping and financial management.

Is Zettle secure?

Yes, Zettle is compliant with the highest level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), ensuring that card information is handled securely.

Do I need a business account to use Zettle?

While not mandatory, a separate business account is recommended for clarity in financial management.

Can I use Zettle with my existing PayPal account?

Yes, Zettle integrates seamlessly with PayPal, making it easier for businesses already using PayPal’s services.

Can I use Zettle on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Zettle on multiple devices. This can be particularly useful for businesses with multiple points of sale.

Does Zettle offer any solutions for the hospitality industry?

Yes, Zettle offers a Pro version of its app, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, which includes features like table management and integration with restaurant-specific software.

How fast are Zettle’s payment transfers?

Zettle typically transfers payments to your bank account within 1-2 business days.

What hardware is needed to use Zettle?

You’ll need a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android to run the Zettle app. Additionally, you’ll need the Zettle card reader to accept card payments.

Can Zettle process refunds?

Yes, Zettle allows businesses to process full or partial refunds through its app.

Are there any hidden fees with Zettle?

No, Zettle operates on a transparent pay-as-you-go model, charging a fee per transaction with no hidden costs.

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