5 lesser-known apps for photographers on the move

Last checked and updated on November 25, 2020

Many of the best photography apps garner much attention from photographers and from the press, but the app stores are rammed with alternatives which can be beneficial to photographers; but which seem to get far fewer mentions in the ‘top 10’ articles. Here’s our pick of some great but lesser-known apps that could be helpful for photographers, professional and amateur enthusiast alike.

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Pop Camera

This app has a funky design which enables it to shoot double exposures and sequences. Besides, the device possesses the ability to shoot in high resolution making sharing of pictures via Facebook, twitter and flicker easy, to achieve toy camera effects, one need a variety of vintage and auto filters. Photos can be transformed in seconds with effects that one is pleased with.

Pic lab HD

Here is a nifty app to create inspiring messages makes it easy to add typography (colour, rotation, various fonts, positioning, opacity and control over size). To make your original photo stand out, Piclab HD contains layer-based editing, packing with it plenty of tools, lighting and filming effects and preset photo filters. The pic lad HD has the ability to add extra detail to pictures at any given point making the pictures meet the specific effects the professional is interested in emphasising.


Attention to detail lies behind every passionate photographer. With the introduction of the Pro HDR is a high speed camera app that captures the details in a jiffy. This app is super fast and has the ability to capture more than 50 photos in a single second. The best news is that the many images can also be converted to animated GIFs and videos.


The dropbox is one of the best evolutions that have taken place in this century. With the dropbox, you are sure all your photos are safe and can be retrieved at any time. This also saves the hustle of keeping numerous paper work including invoices, release forms, contracts, financial records and photos. The dropbox is one of the best cloud solutions that stores your data and also allow easy retrieval. It is free to download and comes installed in windows 8 phones.

FolioBook portfolio

The FolioBook portfolio app allows one to create a brand by coming up with a digital portfolio. One can create a custom branded homepage and several galleries to add on that. Photo slides can also be created to have transitions with music. The portfolio is personalized and often reflects a person’s brand.

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