What character traits make a good User Experience (UX) Designer?

how to be an expert user experience (ux) designer

Not all good designs lead to good user experience. In fact, user experience has more to do with matters of the heart than design itself. Like psychology; how users would react to call-to-actions on designs. It therefore pays to look for the ideal designer than iterating on the designs. There can be so many points to ponder before designing user experience, but when you look at it through a psychological perspective, it can all be brought down to these. Here are some quality traits to look for in a user experience designer.

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how to be an expert user experience (ux) designer

Be an expert with the tools:

When in the design arena, the designer should not be in doubt of which tool to use. So expertise in design, trends and statistics is one of the most important thing to look for in a user experience designer. And taste too. These can rarely be taught, but should flow naturally.

Understand people:

Good UX design is more about convincing people that this is good, usable design. Tough part is that this whole convincing part should happen subconsciously. It is like manipulating the user without them realising it. More like hypnosis.

Realise UI is different from UX:

Understand that user interface design and user experience design are two very different aspects, but with a common destiny. So they should never compete with one another, but only complement one another. “A good design is one that gets out of the way.” The idea is not for one of them, or even both, to stand out. The idea is to get out of the way, but be there when and where a user looks for.

This could be pretty difficult when more than one designer works on a project, but the effort is certainly worth it.


We all know that one person who manages to steal the show every single time with vibrant ways. That person who translates his energy to those around him too. The person around whom we feel energetic. That is one main ingredient of a good user experience; a positive vibe. And a person with such a personality would ensure it is communicated to the user through creative designs. It could be by use of apt colors or by making the user feel important and intelligent with effortless UI controls.

Patience & Persistence:

These are paramount because a good user experience is something too valuable to be achieved on the first attempt. If it happens, well and good, but less likely. A good user experience designer should not be one to lose heart at the first signs of failure, but one who retains the same enthusiasm no matter how many redesigns and iterations.

A cool head:

This is equally important to a user experience designer as expertise is. This is one important trait that keeps the creativity flowing regardless of rejection and iteration. Without a cool head, the designer would not be able to retain the enthusiasm throughout the project.

This is not all that a good user experience designer should possess, but the most significant qualities that need years of cultivation and practice. What else do you think are important qualities of an ideal UX designer, and why?