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Startups Geek is currently open to submissions.

Our contributors find that exposure on Startups Geek is a valuable promotional exercise. We’re most interested in material in the following areas:

Expert opinion pieces

Are you a business leader? Do you have a unique insight into a particular aspect of your sector, or a new technology? Send your article synopsis to and we’ll consider your article for publication.

Remember that Startups Geek serves entrepreneurs, business leaders and startups, so we’re interested in receiving proposals which will be of interest to this audience.

Creative portfolio submissions

Illustrators, graphic designers, UX designers, etc. Send your portfolio to for a chance to be featured in a Startups Geek article. We regret that we’re unable to respond to all submissions, but we’ll get back to you if we’re interested in publishing a feature.

What we don’t want

Articles that sound like sales pitches. Sorry, we can’t publish articles that sound like marketing material to promote your services or products.

Articles that have already been published elsewhere on the internet. Sorry, we can’t publish material that’s already on another website. If you’d like us to publish an article on the same topic, please re-write it so that it isn’t identical.

News and press releases.We can only publish articles which hold value and interest to our readers over a long period of time, so if your content is a news item with a short shelf-live, then unfortunately this isn’t of interest to us.