Five core elements of effective logo design

Your company logo is much more than a cute little symbol. It gives your business a face through which you can portray what your brand stands for. The weaker the design, the weaker impact it may have on your brand image.

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Another aspect to keep in mind is that your company logo will be used for various marketing purposes. It has to look neat and eye-catching no matter where it is used. For example, you will have to place it on your website, use it in social media marketing campaigns, incorporate it in your videos, add it to your brochure, and so on. Therefore, from the layout to colors, everything must look appealing and suitable for every platform you can imagine.

There are some important aspects of logo that must be kept in mind while planning and designing it. A good logo has following essential elements:

1. Keep your logo as simple as possible

Some people might think that when your logo is intricate, it looks professional. The truth is, if a logo is highly detailed or complicated, its meaning may get lost or distorted. You consumer will also have hard time remembering it. But, with a simple logo, you will be able to achieve many things such as:

• Your consumer will have no trouble remembering your logo.
• When printed in smaller sizes for business cards, letterhead, etc. it will retain its quality and meaning.
• Lower quality printing will not reduce its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, it’s not appropriate to depict every aspect of your business in your logo because this way it will become too complex.

So, keep it simple with a clean design, distinct lines (if you are using them) and easily readable text.

2. Make it memorable

When people buy your product, they will definitely see your logo and name. To make brand easy to recognized, it is important to make your logo easily memorable. Your target audience will remember it if:

• It’s distinct
• It uses minimum colors palettes
• It’s uncluttered
• It looks appealing

3. Use minimum colours

As I mentioned above, you can make your logo memorable by using minimum colors. You might wonder, “Why?” The reason is that a logo is a small piece of design and by using a lot of colors you will make it look cultured, unprofessional and complex.

Remember that a logo is used on various platforms and there might also be a need to use a black and white version of your logo. If you are using too many colors on your logo, it will become difficult to be read in black and white version.

4. Come up with a unique design

A unique logo doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be distinct. Plus, it must represent your brand’s message. By creating a complex design, you will certainly get a unique brand identity, but will it be simple or memorable? Most likely, no. Even if you just mention your business name in your logo with a unique touch, you will have a unique design for your business.

5. Make it timeless

Some brands frequently change their logo or make major changes in their existing logo, which is not recommended by marketers since it may reset the brand’s image. A logo needs to be timeless, i.e. it must look fresh and appealing in every age. Take a look at the logo of Coca Cola. Though they did some minor variations, but they are still using almost the same logo after so many decades.